Top AKC Dog Toys
Favorite Picks of Pets and Owners

Here are the top-rated AKC dog toys: AKC approved squirrel, rabbit, mallard, flying squirrel tug toy, and more.

AKC dog toys are known for their durability. But every dog is different, and no plush product is indestructible. So weigh what other dog owners have to say keeping your canine in mind.

AKC Plush Squirrel Dog Toy



AKC plush squirrel dog toy is double stitched with embroidered features. No small parts.

This squirrel is very popular with Amazon customers and has received over 40 mostly positive reviews like this one:

“I purchased this because my lab loves to attempt to catch squirrels...He is rough with it and it looks the same after 2 months as the day it came.”


AKC Stuffed Mallard Dog Toy



AKC mallard dog toys don't squeak, they quack!

Realistic enough to fool even an intelligent hound, sturdy enough to withstand a pretty good beating.

Typical Amazon review:

“All these AKC stuffed toys are great. My lab never gets tired of them, and they are pretty durable considering it's a stuffed animal. We just order a different one every few months as they wear out.”


AKC Stuffed Rabbit Dog Toy



This Jakks Pacific AKC approved rabbit dog toy apparently makes a quacking sound which serves as an extra stimulus for dogs.

Typical Amazon review comment:

“Jack, our Shepherd-Lab mix, adores his "quacking" bunny
--and after three weeks, has managed to rip off only one ear. That's a new record!”


AKC Stuffed Hedgehog Dog Toy



Let's face it—this stuffed hedgehog is cute! fluffy and furry...Hey! Where are the eyes?

Typical Amazon review:

“All I have to say to my pup is “get Hedgie” and he goes and gets it. The Hedgehog is played with many times during the day and with puppy teeth it is holding up extremely well. Great toy.”


Jakks Pacific AKC Plush Chipmunk Dog Toy


Like most other Jakks Pacific AKC dog toys, this plush chipmunk has embroidered features and contains no small parts.

6.7 x 7.9 x 2.6 inches. Contains squeakers.

Amazon review:

“My dog is very choosy about her "babies", and she really loves this one. She takes it outside with her every time she goes out to use the bathroom. She loves to chase squirrels, rabbits, etc. so she really likes this toy because it looks so real. ”


AKC Plush Squirrel Flying Dog Toy

Squirrel Flyer


This squirrel tug toy contains one squeaker in the torso and one in the tail.

It receives excellent reviews from most customers, with a few lesser reviews from customers who didn't find the toy durable.

Check out customers' feelings about this dog toy.


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