Angry Birds Halloween

Angry Birds Halloween toys and costumes make perfect sense. An Angry Bird has a dark, delicious countenance that borders on the hilarious!


Halloween Red Angry Bird

This Angry Birds red bird with horns personifies halloween




This 5” high Angry Birds Halloween red bird looks like it was born with horns!

This is an authentic, officially liscensed product by Commonwealth Toys.



Angry Birds Pig Plushie

Angry Birds Halloween pig in Pumpkin Helmet



Is this simply a pig having some Halloween fun?

Or is it a devious Angry Birds pig in a protective helmet?

I fear it's the latter, but it's really for you to decide.



Yellow Bird Halloween Wizard

Angry Birds Halloween Yellow Bird in Wizard's Hat




This 5-inch Halloween yellow Angry Bird stands 10 inches tall in its colorful wizard's hat!



Angry Birds Gang of 4

Angry Birds Halloween - set of 4 birds




This gang of 5” Halloween Angry Birds includes Red Devil, Yellow Wizard, Pumpkin Pig, and Frankenstein Black birds.

All are authentic, officially liscensed products of Commonwealth Toys.



Be an Angry Bird this Halloween


Angry Birds Red Bird Mask

Angry Birds Halloween Costume head - Red Bird



This Halloween mask by Angry Birds is easy to wear and fun!

Typical Amazon Reviews:

“I love my Angry Birdy headpiece. Its large, loud and hilarious and feels like I'm wrapped in a giant cotton ball.”

“I work with children so this was the perfect mask for Halloween. It is pretty big, but it is very light and very thin. I loved it!”



Angry Birds Halloween King Pig Mask

King Pig Mask

Angry Birds Halloween Yellow Bird Mask

Yellow Bird Mask



Unisex Angry Birds Costume

Angry Birds REd Bird Adult Halloween Costume



This unisex Angry Red Bird Halloween costume for adults is eee-zzz!

Just slip it over your clothes and start partying!

Other adult Angry Birds costumes include: King Pig, Black Bird, and Yellow Bird.



Kids Yellow Bird Costume

Angry Birds Halloween Costume for Kids - Yellow Bird



This Halloween Yellow Bird costume comes in one size and fits most kids.

Kids costumes are also available for Red Bird, Green King Pig and Black Bird.



Infant Red Bird Costume

Infant's Angry Birds Halloween Costume - Red Bird




Turn your toddler into an Angry Bird!

Yellow Bird and King Pig Halloween costumes also available for the very young.





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