Animal Planet Dog Toys

Animal Planet dog toys are not only fun, durable toys for your pet. They also help support animal rights around the world.

A portion of the sales of Animal Planet pet products helps support R.O.A.R., which stands for Reach Out. Act. Respond. The goal of R.O.A.R. is to improve the lives of animals in our homes and local communties as well as in the wild.

Animal Planet Meerkat Large 16-inch Plush Dog Toy



16" plush meerkat is one of the most popular Animal Planet toys.

These dog owners call it cute and unusually durable.

Also available as small meeerkat.



10.5" Plush Gorilla Animal Planet Dog Toy




Animal Planet's 10.5” gorilla has embroidered features for your dog's safety.

This JAKKS Pacific stuffed gorilla also available
in small 8.5” size.


In 2010, sales of Animal Planet pet products helped contribute to the $200,000 R.O.A.R. distributed among 8 animal organizations, including the Earthwatch Institute, the Petfinder Foundation, and Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots.


Animal Planet Spider 18" Monkey Plush Dog Toy




This 18” spider monkey Animal Planet dog toy is all arms and legs.

They seem to be custom made for tugging, shaking and tossing by playful pooches.



Animal Planet Stuffed Giraffe Dog Toy with Rope




This 15” plush Animal Planet giraffe head has a rope that makes it easy for a dog to grasp, tug and fling.



R.O.A.R. has played a major role in educating the public about the plight of animals in the Gulf of Mexico area following the April 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill.


Animal Planet Dog Toys: Zebra Head Plush Toy





15.8” Animal Planet giraffe head with rope.



Animal Planet Tree Frog Flier Dog Toy






9.5” Animal Planet tree frog flier dog toy.



Animal Planet Plush Koala Dog Toy





9” plush animal planet koala.

Love those legs!



Animal Planet Large Plush 18" Stuffed Parrot Dog Toy





This colorful 18” stuffed parrot is one of the larger Animal Planet dog toys. By Jakks Pacific.

You'll hear no squawking from me!



Animal Planet Dog Toy: 10.5" Stuffed Vulture


Animal Planet Dog Toys: 18.5" Ostrich with Rope Legs



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