Baby Gifts Dog Toys
Toss a Leash Around the Perfect Stuffed Dog Toy

These baby gifts-dog toys are cuddly and lovable. We've got a kennel full of delightful and different plush dog toys, security blankets, and more.

Most of these stuffed dogs are highly rated by customers. They're all cute, cute, cute! Click a product's link to see its current price. A number of these plush toy dogs are eligible for FREE SHIPPING.

Gund Spunky Plush Dog Toy Brown

Gund Spunky Dog Toy


For baby gifts, dog toys like this 10” Gund Spunky dog are hard to beat.

Perfect size for baby; embroidered eyes for safety; and that patch around the eye...

Spunky gets lots of positive reviews, like this one:

“Adorable puppy...the most snuggleable plushie...squishy and insanely soft...easy for little ones to hang on to...just plain cute!”


Spunky Dog is also available in pink or blue!



Tiny Love "Follow Me Fiona" dog activity toy for babies

Follow Me Fiona




This Tiny Love Follow Me Fiona activity toy moves when baby touches it, encouraging baby to crawl after it.

Barks to get baby's attention.

Plays 3 tunes.



WubbaNub Brown Plush Puppy with Pacifier

Wubbanub Puppy

Baby plushies... pacifiers—put them together and you've got this unique Wubbanub infant toy!

You can't lose the pacifier because it's attached to a cuddly puppy.

As one parent relates:

“If you haven't tried a Wubbanub for an infant or toddler who likes or needs a pacifier, you are missing out. They are cute, durable, easy to hold, and keep the "paci" close at hand.”


Or how about a Red Dog WubbaNub pacifier?



Gund Blue Spunky Dog baby security blanket

Baby Gund Spunky Comfy Cozy

Here's another of Gund's neat baby gifts dog toy combos.

Spunky triples as a lovable plush dog, a play mat, and a 9” x 3” x 12” security blanket.

Check out these Spunky customer comments!

“i bought this as a gift for a baby shower. it is so cute and soft. i will use this as a stand-by gift from now on! Perfect!”



Mary Meyer Taggies Colours Spotty Plush Dog

Taggies Spotty Dog




Mary Meyers colorful 10” plush dog toy comes with lots of ribbons and textures for baby to explore.

Baby-safe stuffed toy made with non-toxic, sustainable materials.



Ty Baby Gifts Dog  Toy Pink

Ty Baby Pups Pink Dog





This cute Ty Beanie Babies 10” pink pup is inexpensive and popular.

Also available in blue.



Cloud b Lavender Lab Plush Stuffed Dog

Cloud b Scented Lavender Lab

How many baby gifts or dog toys promote sleep? Not many.

Cloud b Lavender Lab emits a mild aromatherapy scent that calms, soothes, and promotes sleep.

Sample Amazon Reviews:


“I absolutely love this Lavender Lab! I actually bought 3- one for my son for his first birthday, one for me, and one for my mom.”



Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy

Fisher-Price Learning Puppy



Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy is quite the developmental toy.

It teaches the ABC's, 1-2-3's, colors, parts of the body, and much more!

No pup is perfect, but this one tries to be.

It has received OVER 500 mostly positive customer comments.



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