Big Eye Dummies Plush Toys

Big Eye Dummies plush toys are unique stuffed animals that encourage creativity and self-expression. Each animal comes with two sets of interchangeable eyes and mouths.

These lovable Dummies are sold primarily at museums and high-end gift and toy shops, but you can get them right here at a great price. Many are even eligible for FREE shipping on qualifying Amazon orders!

Squeaky McGee the Giraffe

Big Eye Dummies plus toy - Squeaky McGee the giraffe


Like most Big Eye Dummies plush toys, Squeaky McGee stands about 14 inches tall!

Amazon Review:

“I love this little giraffe, he's my favrite. My brother gave him to me and I took his eyes off and that was OK because he's a dumyy!”



Disco the Cow Plush Toy

Big Eye Dummies Disco the Cow plush toy




Big Eye Dummies Disco the Cows goofy grin is sure to win over not only kids but—as the makers claim—immature adults!



Big Eye Dummies were created by David Lipson, an animation director and producer who has worked on such TV shows as PBS' Word World and Disney Channel's Lizzy McGuire. David claims that "Dumb is fun!"



Hanna Hopper the Rabbit

Big Eye Dummies plush Toy - Hanna Hopper the Rabbit




Watch out, or Big Eyes Dummie Hanna Hopper the Rabbit will hypnotize you into giving her a carrot!



Dummies' eyes and mouths are held in place magnetically and are easy to remove and replace. Obviously, they are not appropriate for very young children.



Big Eye Dummies Reggie

Big Eye Dummies Reggie the Gorilla plush toy


Reggie the Gorilla comes two sets of eyes—bloodshot eyes and X eyes! His other mouth is super toothy!

Amazon Customer Praise:

“What a creative animal! My 9 year old likes it, and my 11 year old. They keep calling me over to see the new crazy setup they've created with the magnet eyes/mouth.”



Big Eye Dummies are a recipient of Creative Child Magazine's “Preferred Choice Award!”



Big Eyed Dummies Slicka

Big Eyed Dummies Slicka the penguin plush toy\




Don't ask me why, but Big Eye Dummy Slicka the Penguin likes to hang around and make trouble with Milton the cat!



Big Eye Dummies Milton

Big Eye Dummies plush cat, Milton




Big Eyed Dummies Miltonh the Cat stuffed toy comes with two sets of eyes, a fishbone mouth, and an “I didn't do it” mouth.



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