Cat Plush Toy

Looking for a cute cat plush toy to cuddle with? This page is stuffed with fabulous felines!


Lanky Cats: Ziggy

Stuffed plush black cat, Ziggy, by Manhattan Toy

Lanky Cats plush toys like Ziggy love to stretch out and lie around, assuming all kinds of crazy positions, just like real cats!

I bought this exact Manhattan Toy cat for my sister, a cat lover, and found it really lovable.

Lots of Amazon customers also have really good things to say about Ziggy!



Big Bang Theory Singing Soft Kitty

Big Bang theory cat plush toy


Singing Soft Kitty makes the perfect gift for the right Big Bang Theory fan!

Other Big Bang Theory plush gifts include: Soft Kitty Slippers, Cute Soft Kitty Head, and Soft Kitty Backpack Clip.



Nursing Nina Cat & Kittens

Nursing Nina - mamma stuffed cat and nursing kittens by Manhattan Toy


Nursing Nina stuffed cat by Manhattan Toy comes with three kittens whose mouths attach to Momma with magnets!

This cute educational toy gets lots of rave Amazon reviews like this one:

“This was definitely the hit of the party for my granddaughter's sixth. She loved it, her skeptical father loved it, her mother immediately ordered two as gifts.”


Folkmanis Fluffy Cat Puppet

Fluffy plush cat puppet by Folkmanis


This fat, fluffy stuffed cat puppet by Folkmanis will steal the laughs and show!

Big guy has a moveable mouth and upper paws, plus a toungue that sticks out.

Not to mention Folkmanis quality!



Folkmanis Ragdoll Cat Puppet

Plush ragdoll plush puppet by Folkmanis


This 23” plush ragdoll cat puppet by Folkmanis makes for absolutely delightful play!

Adults love this cuddly cutie, too:

“I have always been a fan of Ragdoll cats and crave the day when I could have one that I could call my own...I have one in this toy. He sits on my bed and waits to cuddle at night.”



Best Friends Plush Tabby Cats

"Best Friends" stuffed plush tabby cats by Fiesta Toys



These Best Friends Furr-Ever stuffed tabby cats are a really cute concept from Fiesta Toys.



Egyptian Feline Goddess Cat

Egyptian black and gold plush stuffed cat




This Egyptian stuffed cat represents a bastet, a feline goddess in ancient Egypt!

It's royally plush, or should I say, "plush royalty!"



Webkinz Siamese Plush Cat

Webkinz siamese cat plush toy



Kids can play with this stuffed Wekinz siamese cat or its delightful online version!

See other popular Webkinz cats.



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