Best Cheap Baby Gifts
High Class, Low Cost Gift Ideas for Babies

Cheap baby gifts don't have to look cheap. Here are some of the best inexpensive baby shower and 1st birthday gift ideas you'll find anywhere.

Every gift idea on this page costs less than $15, and you'll even find a few great baby ideas for under $10. Some are even elegible for free shipping. Click any product's link to see its current price.


Lamaze Jacques the Peacock plush baby activity toy

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock




Lamaze's Jacques the Peacock can't help but strut his stuff!

You won't find many cheap baby gifts with credentials like these: Jacques has earned nearly 200 5-star ratings!



Angel Dear Brown giraffe Baby Security Blanket

Angel Dear Blankies



These security blankets make classy cheap baby gifts for a shower or other occasion.

They are also super popular with babies and their parents.

Available in over two dozen different animals and colors.



Manhattan Toy Whoozit plush baby activity toy

Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit

This Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit is winner of 3 awards—including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award!

This 5” version travels well, fiting easily into purse or diaper bag.

Check out the many hoorays for Whoosits, like this one:

“Baby Whoozit is the gift that keeps on giving. We never travel anywhere without it. Baby gets bored after awhile being confined in a seat and the Whoozit often keeps her occupied long enough to make it to our destination without stopping.”



Lamaze high contrast wrist rattles - set of two

Lamaze Wrist Rattles



These Lamaze high contrast wrist rattles make a delightful but cheap baby shower gift.

These adorable bugs rattle gently with baby's every movement.

The bright-colored bugs stimulate vision and promote hand to eye coordination.



Lamaze High Contrast Foot Finders - developmental toy for babiesBabies

Lamaze Foot Finders



Lamaze high contrast foot finders make great inexpenseive baby gifts.

They rattle gently with every kick or wiggle, promoting hand-eye coordination and stimulating baby's vision.

Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattle/Foot Finder Set also available.



Learning Star Plush Teething Blanket

Star Teething Blanket



Inexpensive baby gifts as cute as this small teething blanket are hard to come by.

It's multiple textures—terry cloth, satin, and more—keep baby happily occupied!

“My son loves this blanket. He likes looking and talking at the starfish and enjoys chewing on the different fabrics. He finds the squeaker portion amusing and also just squeezing the blanket and making it krinkle.”



Baby Einstein Octoplush Stuffed animal

Baby Einstein Octoplush


Baby Einstein Octoplush plays music and provides lots of tactile stimulation.

Squeeze a tentacle and Octoplush says the color of that leg's English, French, or Spanish!

Here's one of its many positve reviews:

“My son LOVES this octopus. Any time he hears the music, he just gets so excited. I wasn't sure if this would hold his attention, but he just loves it. A great toy!”



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