Cheap Valentines Ideas That Impress!

Looking for great cheap Valentines ideas? Here are wonderful but inexpensive Valentines day gifts that show how much you care.


These make exciting gifts for kids, thoughtful gifts for friends, and excellent additions to the gift ‘package’ you're putting together for that special someone.

Valentine Beanie Babies

Most of these stuffed Ty Beanie Babies are ridiculously cheap—under $10—but cute, soft, and lovable.


Ty Pluffies Plush Dreamy Red Bear With White Hearts

Red Bear
with White Hearts

Ty Plush White Dog with Red Hearts

White Dog
with Red Hearts


Ty Beany Baby Smoothie Stuffed Red and White Giraffe

Smoothie Giraffe

Ty Beany Baby Cupid the Stuffed Valentines Dog

Cupid the Dog


Ty Beany Baby D'vine Stuffed Monkey holding Heart

D'vine Monkey

Ty Dynamite Red and White Plush Monkey with Pink Heart

Dynamite Monkey


Ty Smitten Hedgehog Plush Toy with Heart

Smitten Hedgehog

Ty 'Kissable' - Plush Stuffed Valentine Frog

Kissable Frog


Other Great Cheap Valentines Ideas

These Webkinz stufffed animals make good gifts for Valentine's Day, whether the recipient chooses to play with their online avatars or simply to cuddle with these real life cuties:


Webkinz Love Monkey

Webkinz Love Monkey Plush Toy

Kids, and young-at-heart people of all ages, adore the Love Monkey.

Typical Amazon reviews:

“This made a GREAT Valentines treat for my daughter It was adorable and something cute for the holiday.”

“The Webkinz Love Monkey was one of the most adorable Webkinz that I have gotten for my child...a large size as Webkinz run and quite soft.”


Webkinz Love Frog

Webkinz Love Frog Plush Gift for Valentine's Day


This Limited Edition Release is a classic among quality cheap Valentines Day gifts, as these enthusiastic Amazon reviews indicate.

Here's a sample review:

“This Webkinz is so cute that it will be hard for me to part with him, and I am way too old for stuffed animals. He is a perfect gift for a perfect grandaughter. (No, I'm not biased!)”


Here's the same Love Frog, but with a bonus Kinz Klip plush frog that attaches to a backpack, lunch bag, purse, or whatever you want to clip it to:


Webkinz Plush Love Frog Toy with Bonus Kinz Clip

Kinz Klip & Love Frog


Lovely But Cheap Valentines Flowers


Plush Assorted “I Love You” Flowers

Fiesta Toys Plush Assorted I Love You Flowers - 18"


The assorted flowers in this bouquet measure 18” from the top to stem tip. They make cheap but delightful Valentines Day gifts.

Each Fiesta Toys flower has “I love you” written on it.

While live flowers last only days, these flowers can lighten a life for years!


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