Curious George Stuffed Animal
Curious George the Monkey Dolls and Gifts

Looking for the perfect Curious George stuffed animal? These high quality plush dolls bring this lovable little monkey to life and make great gifts!

Many of the toys on this page are eligible for FREE Amazon shipping if bundled with other eligible items—like a couple Curious George books—for a total order of $25 or more! Take advantage!


Curious George 16"

Russ Berrie Curious George Stuffed Animal with Red Shirt

This Russ Berrie 16” Curious George stuffed animal is safe for all ages!

It gets really nice marks, like the one below, for its softness, size, and high quality:

“My daughter loved this stuffed animal. And to my surprise it was more "plushy" then I had anticipated it would be. I would recommend it to any parent whose child is a big fan of Curious George.”



Classic Curious George 8 Inch

Russ Berrie 8-inch Curoius George stuffed plush toy




This 8” Russ Berrie Curious George plush toy may be just the size you're looking for!

Smaller—but with the same Russ Berrie quality!


Curious George In Pajamas

Russ Berrie Curious George Plush Doll in Pajamas

This Russ Berrie 12” Curious George plush doll in pajamas is also a very popular toy.

Kids love to take George the monkey and his pet bear to bed with them!

Typical Amazon comment:

“My son loves Curious George & this one sleeps with him! He loves his pajamas and squeezes him tight every night for bed. So happy we found him!”



Curious George with Yellow Hat

Curious George plush doll toy with his famous yellow hat




Here's a 17” plush Curious George toy with his famous hat.

Giddyup, George!



Curious George Doctor Doll

Russ Berrie Curious George Doctor plush doll


This lovable Curious George Doctor doll by Russ Berrie stands 12” tall.

Typical Amazon review:

“I gave this product as a gift for a sick child along with the book "Curious George Goes to the Hospital." The book is hilarious and the stuffed animal was a perfect compliment to it! The child loved it! ”



Curious George Space Monkey

Curious George Space Monkey plush toy




This 12” Curious George space monkey stuffed animal comes with a DVD of the episode:

      “Grease Monkey in Space."



21 Inch Curious George

12 Inch Curious George Plush Toy


Here's a well-reviewed 21” Curious George plush toy.

Amazon Comment:

“My neice loves her new stuffed animal, his height is perfect for her to run around holding him in her arms or using him as an audience.”



Giant George Wall Decal

Curious George floating with balloons - giant wall decal


This 19” x 41” peel and stick wall decal goes perfectly with a Curious George stuffed animal or book collectyion !

Create your own arrangement with this set of appliques!

Typical Amazon comment:

“This look so adorable on my son's wall. It was so easy to use, just peel it off the sheet on stick them to the wall. The size is great too, not too small and not too big. We love it! ”



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