Deglingos Crazy Stuffed Animals

Deglingos stuffed animals are unique French-designed, baby-safe, and machine washable toys for youngsters!

They make memorable baby shower and first birthday gifts. Plus, many are available for FREE SHIPPING when you meet Amazon's minimum purchase requirements!



Deglingos Molos The Lobster

Deglingos molos the Lobster stuffed plush animal




It's almost impossible to look at Deglingos Molos the Lobster without falling in love!

The baby for whom you're buying will love all the colors and touch sensations!




Deglingos Hippo Plush Toy

Deglingos Hippipos hippo stuffed animal






Hippipos, the hippo, is a delightful addition to the Deglingos collection.

Just look at all the deligful textures for baby to touch and explore!



Baby Blankie - Nonos The Dog

Deglingos baby Nonos the dog blankie -  Nonos the Dog


Deglingos security blankets give a baby lots to cling to. Plus, they come in a variety of animal styles!

Typical Amazon Review:

“I was so surprised at how cute and well made this product is! Just so adorable! I definitely recommend this!”



Original Deglingos like Mobos, Lapinos, and Nonos are made from 48 different kinds of strings and fabrics, providing a visual and tactile feast for babies!




Deglingos Original—Lapinos

Deglingos Lapinos the Rabbit plush animal




Lapinos the Bunny is super cute!

Love those teeth!




Typical Amazon Review for Delglingos:

“I purchased this bunny last month for my baby girl's first easter basket. I have several other deglingos (pig, rat and hedgehog) and I really love this addition...I highly recommend this line of stuffed animals if you are looking for something different.”



Deglingos Pikos Hedgehog Plush

Deglingos baby Pikos the Hedgehog  stuffed animal


Everybody loves Deglingos Pikos the Hedgehog—especially babies!

Amazon Customer Praise:

“I got this for my son's 1st birthday and he just loves Piko's nose and soft fabric spikes. If you are tired of too sweet stuffed animals, this line of characters is really refreshing.”



Deglingos Baby Ratos The Rat

Deglingos Baby Ratos the Rat




Deglingos must know that a stuffed rat with suspenders is easy to love!



Deglingos Crib/Car Seat Activity Toy

Deglingos plush activity toy for  crib or car seat



Here's another of Deglingos crazy stuffed animals.

Nonos the Dog activity toy rattles, squeaks, crinkles, and vibrates!



Deglingos Baby Rattle Crinkler

Deglingos plush hedgehog  baby rattle


Deglingos baby rattle, Pikos the Hedgehog, crinkles when baby squeezes it. Numerous other animals available.

Amazon Customer Comment:

“I bought this for my grandson. It's adorable. Just the right size to take to bed. Soft and cuddly. Would be a wonderful gift, from infants to toddlers.”



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