Realistic Dog Breed Plush Toys

These dog breed plush toys are customer favorites—high quality, extremely realistic, and oh-so-lovable! I scouted them out from hundreds of other dogs on Amazon, one of the world's largest and most trusted online selling sites.

Gund Dreyfus stuffed dog


These life-like dogs make excellent companions, great teacher tools, and stylish additions to theme-based nurseries and bedrooms.

Perhaps the best part about dog breed plush toys like Gund Dog "Dreyfus" is that you don't have to feed them, walk them, or take them to the vet...and they don't bark.


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Airedale Terrier

Plush Webkinz Airedale Terrier dog



This Webkinz Airedale Terrier seems to capture the unique qualities of its breed.

You also get access to the online version of htis pet in Webkinz World.




Plush stuffed Akita by Douglas Cuddle Toys



Kita, the plush Akita, from Douglas Cuddle Toys is made with the typical high quaility Douglas puts into all its stuffed animals.

Kita is soft and lovable and stands 12 inches tall.




Douglas' plush beagle is cuddly and life like



Bernie Beagle by Douglas Toys is slightly understuffed to make him extra cuddly.

Lots of people say that this 14 inch plush beagle bears a striking resemblance to beagles they actually owned.



Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog stuffed animal by Douglas



Trevor, Douglas' soft Bernese Mountain dog is soft, cute, and realistically detailed.

Trevor measures 16 inches from front paws to back paws.



Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier plush dog by Melissa & Doug




This life-like Boston Terrier by Melissa & Doug is soft and plush but contains an inner frame that makes it poseable.




Boxer — by Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug plush Boxer



Melissa & Doug's awesome stuffed boxer measures 41 inches long X 16.5 inches tall.

It looks so real, that both people and other dogs get fooled by it.




Unipak stuffed Bulldog



People describe this Bulldog by Unipak as soft, cuddly, and “the perfect size.”

Bumb, the plush Bulldog, measures 18 inches long.




Chihuahua Stuffed animal by Melissa & Doug




This lovable plush chihuahua by Melissa & Doug is just about life-size.

It has an inner wire frame that makes it poseable and easy to dress in dog clothes.




Cockapoo plush dog by Gund



Cockapoos are a cross breed between the Cocker Spaniel and poodle.

Their happy, friendly nature is reflected in the cute face of Nayla, Gund's plush Cockapoo.

Nayla is surface washable.



Cocker Spaniel

Plyush stuffed Cocker Spaniel by Mellisa & Doug



This adorable Cocker Spaniel by Melissa & Doug is one of the most realistic dog breed plush toys you'll find anywhere!

It's a favorite of the entire family.



Collie — Sheba

Douglas life-like stuffed plush collie


The picture doesn't do this plush 16 inch Douglas Collie justice. You need to check out the many glowing reviews, like this one:

“We raise collies and found this to be the most realistic stuffed collie on the market. Our granddaughter loves it, especially since it is so life-like.”



Corgi — Tri-Color

Douglas Tri-color Corgi stuffed dog


Kirby, the cute tri-color Corgi by Douglas Toys, measures 14 inches from front paws to back paws.

The enthusiastic customer reviews attest to how soft, lovable, and realistic Kirby is!





Douglas Spats Dachshund stuffed dog



Spats, the lifelike 14” stuffed dachshund by Douglas, gets some great reviews from Amazon customers.

It stands out among dog breed plush toys as one of the most realistic.




Melissa & Doug Dalmation stuffed animal


Melissa & Doug's stuffed Dalmation is sturdy, but soft and lightweight.

Typical Amazon Review:

“What a wonderful dalmation. My kids easily carry it all over the house, and it stands up to all of their hugs and laying on it. Fantastic.”



Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever plush dog by Melissa & Doug


Melissa & Doug's awesome Golden Retriever plush animal is over 31 inches long and stands 17 inches high.

It wins dozens of FIVE-STAR REVIEWS for lots of great qualities, especially its extremely realistic features.



German Shepherd

Melissa & Doug stuffed german shepherd dog

The photo doesn't do justice to this Melissa & Doug German Shepherd plush... so here's a close-up:

Closeup of Melissa & Doug German Shepherd plsuh dog




Melissa & Doug Delux Husky stuffed animal


Melissa & Doug's Husky stuffed dog measures 31” long by 25” high. It is strong but poseable.

Amazon customer comment:

“This toy looks so real our dog growled at it and refused to come near it for a week. My daughter collects stuffed huskies and this one is her favorite!”


Irish Setter

Webkinz Irish Setter plush animal



This Webkinz Irish Setter is true in color to the dog breed.

Kids can enjoy this soft plush version or its cool online counterpart.



Labrador Retriever — Black

Melissa & Doug black Labrador Retriever stuffed toy




Melissa & Doug's black lab plush toy wins praise for being strikingly real.

It fools both people and other dogs!



Labrador Retriever — Yellow

Yellow Lab stuffed animal by Aurora



This Yellow Lab by Aurora is 28” of Super Flopsie softness.

Huggable and snuggable!


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Dog Breed Plush Toys M - Z




Russ Yomiko plush Maltese



This Maltese dog breed plush toy by Russ Yomiko measures 17 inches.

Russ put extensive efforts into creating a realistic Maltese, including airbrushing some highlights.




Hansa plush Pekingese




Hansa's standing plush Pekingese stands 9” high by 11” long.

It is beautifully handcrafted by Hansa artisans.



Pointer — Webkinz Signature

Webkinz Signature German Shortailed Pointer


Webkinz German Shortailed Pointer has soft fur and authentic markings.

Comes with access to this pet's online version as well.

Note: Signature status typically means a better product, plus extra online accessories.



Poodle — Standard

Melissa and Doug Standard Poodle Plush



Melissa & Doug have a reputation for creating realistic stuffed animals, and this plush poodle is no exception.

Soft and cuddly, groomed in a pompadour style, this M & D’s poodle contains an inner frame to keep it standing upright.




Aurora pomeranian stuffed plush toy



Aurora's Pamy, the Pomeranian, wins of customer cudos for being super soft, cuddly, and lovable.

Pamy is so realistic that people love to groom her.



Pug Adult — by Melissa & Doug

Pug stuffed dog by Melissa & Doug



This plush pug dog by Melissa & Doug is life-like, lifesized and poseable.

Makes the perfect pampered pet.




Pug Puppy — by Aurora

Aurora Pug Pup Plush Toy



Aurora’s adorable pug pup earns over three dozen 5-star reviews for being cute, adorable, and super realistic!

It makes a great alternative to a real dog for the child or adult who can't have one.




Melissa & Doug stuffed plush Rotweiller


This elegant plush rotweiller—measuring 33” long 26” high—is another premium Melissa & Doug creation.

As dozens of enthusiastic reviews emphasize, this Rottie often passes for real.



Schitszu — by Gund

Gund Dreyfus stuffed dog

Most dog breed plush toys list a breed. Gund doesn't list the breed of its popular shaggy white dog, Dreyfus.

However, it looks a lot like a Schitszu to me.



St. Bernard — large

Stuffed St. Bernrd dog by Ty

This plush St. Bernard by Ty wins cudos for being super soft and huggable. Makes a great pillow!

Ty Classics Yodeler floor dog is also available in medium size.



Yorkshire Terrier

Melissa and Doug Yorkshire Terrier plush dog



Melissa & Doug's plush Yorkie measures 5 X 10.4 X 12 inches.

Its inner frame allows it to stand upright or to be posed.



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