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Best Domo Kun
Monstrous Domo Discoveries!

Welcome to our Domo Kun collection. We've spent many hours researching to locate the best Domo-Kun stuffed toys, hats, totes, knapsacks, and more.

Domo first appeared as the mascot for Japan's national television station, but was introduced to the West by Nickelodeon. This cool monster now appears on t-shirts, hats, and lunchbags across America.

Plush Domo Doll

Domo Kun Plush Toy

This 10” Domo-Kun doll is soft and well-made.

This guy gets monstrous Amazon reviews, like these:

“I love him! He's the perfect size to cuddle with and just all around fun! He looks just like the picture and is the best domo doll ever!”

“I haven't had a stuffed animal in years. Then again, I'm a dude over 40. Still, everyone gets a chuckle when they see Mr. Domo sitting in the corner of the room. Especially the nerdier guests.”

Here are two very popular mini figures. Of course, the nerd isn't quite as popular as the jock to his left—or he wouldn't be a nerd, right?


Domo Mini Plush Doll

Domo 5 Inch Mini Plush Figure

Domo Nerd Stuffed Doll

Domo 5 Inch Plush Nerd Domo


Artist Mini Plush

Domo Kun artist - mini plush figure with strap





This cute Domo artist plush doll measure 3 1/2” and comes with a strap.


Snowboarding Domo

Domo Kun Clip-on Snowboarding plush




This snowboarding Domo clip-on measures approximately 4 inches.

Attaches to backpacks, keychains, zippers, etc.


Batter Up!

Domo Kun baseball player mini plush clip on




Will this 4” Domo Kun mini plush baseball player clip-on bring your team luck? .

There's only one way to find out!


Domo Accessories


Domo Belt Buckle

Domo Kun Metal Belt Buckle



This officially liscensed Domo mascot belt buckle measures 3.5” x 2.25”.

Made of hard metal. Fits most belts.


Domo Pencil Pouch

Domo-Kun plush pencil and pen case with removable beaded chain


This 8” soft plush Domo pencil and pen case has a zipper closure and removable beaded chain.

Gets some nice reviews, like this one:

“This item arrived right on time, and I'm very satisfied with it. It's very adorable, and can hold many of my pencils, pens, and erasers. A very unique pencil case, I have to say! Worth the purchase!”


Domo Plush Pouch

Domo Kun Plush Pouch




Domo-Kun zippered pouch.

Measures 5.25” wide and 7” tall.


Cosmetic Bag

Domo Kun cosmetic bag & change purse



This Domo-Kun cosmetic bag/coin purse measures 6” x 4.5”.

Has two separate zipper comparments. Comes with attachable strap.


Cell Phone Case

Domo Kun Cell Phone & Ipod Holder




Domo kun cell phone/ipod case.

3” x 5” with zipper closure. Double pockets inside.


Domo Tote Bags & Backpacks

Most of these bags feature a large interior pocket for carrying books or other larger items, as well as one or more smaller pocket for items ike wallet, pens, and cell phone.


Domo Kun Lunch Bag

Domo Lunch Bag
With Bottle

Domo-Kun 15" Backpack

Domo Plush
Backpack 15 inch


Domo-Kun Face Brown Tote Bag

Domo Face Brown
Tote Bag

Domo-Kun Navy Tote Bag

Domo Navy
Tote Bag


Domo Kun Hands Up Tote Bag

Domo Hands Up Print
Tote Bag

Domo Kun Tote With Straps

Ultra Soft Domo Bag
with Straps


Domo Sideways Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag

Domo Kun Dance Messenger Bag

Dance Messenger Bag
With Strap


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Domo-Kun Caps and Hats

These caps and hats make great gifts for kids, teens, and adult fans of this Japanese TV mascot.


Domo-Kun Face Hat

Domo Face Hat

Domo Kun Plush Fleece Hat

Plush Fleece Hat


Domo Ski Mask

Domo Ski Mask

Domo-Kun Fleece Bomber Hat

Domo Plush Fleece Bomber Hat


Domo Face Peruvian Laplander Hat

Domo Face Laplander Peruvian Hat


“Domo arrigato!” or “Thank you very much” for visiting this site. Please consider bookmarking us—we've got great plush stuff!


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