Dragon Webkinz
Fantastic Webkinz Dragons to Love & Tame!

These delightful stuffed dragon Webkinz toys will breathe fire into your life! Some are retired—thus the higher prices. All are popular Webkinz dragons.

A number of these Webkinz items are eligible for FREE SHIPPING when combined with other eligible Amazon items. So take advantage of the savings!


Webkinz Whimsical Dragon

Whimsical Pink Dragon Webkinz Toy



Whimsical Dragon Webkinz is one of the most popular Webkinz dragons.

Typical Amazon Review:

“Webkinz made another hit with this dragon...All the Webkinz animals are nice, but the fantasy based stuff is great.”



Webkinz Citrus Dragon

Yellow Ditrus Dragon Webkinz Toy

Soft, fuzzy citrus dragon Webkinz snacks on sherbert sorbet (its adoption food) and operates a lemonade stand (its adoption gift).

Amazon Customer Comment:

“I purchased this for my niece, who had asked for it for her 9th birthday. She loves it! It's a very colorful, cuddly, sweet and well-made little dragon.”



Webkinz Lava Dragon

Webkinz Halloween Lava Dragon

The awesome Webkinz Lava Dragon was a September 2009 Release and is an annual Halloween release.

It has captured more than a dozen 5-star ratings like this one:

“This is an awesome toy -- life-like, yet full of fantasy. It is larger than most webkinz animals, which is "fitting" for a dragon.”



Webkins Emperor Dragon

Dragon Webkinz Emperor Plush Toy



When they made the Emperor Dragon, Webkinz gave it a royal personality!

Special Item: Timeless Treasure TV.

Special Food: Dragon's Dessert Flambe.



Webkinz Halloween Night Mare

Webkinz colorful plush Halloween Night Mare


This Webkins 7 x 4 x 6 inch Halloween Night Mare must have some drgon in its lineage!

Amazon Comment:

“The Webkinz Nightmare horse is AWESOME! It is so colorful and sets itself apart from the rest of my collection. I highly recommend this adorable pet to any Webkinz collector!”



Webkinz Ice Dragon

Plush Ice Dragon Webkinz

This picture does not begin to do the Webkinz Ice Dragon justice!

Here's one enthusiastic customer:

“My daughter got this for Christmas and says it was her favorite present. It certainly is a beautiful and soft stuffed toy. Like other Webkinz dragons it looks to have a fragile neck that will become wobbly with time but right now it's perfect. ”



Webkinz Twilight Dragon

Plush Twilight Dragon Webkinz




This Webkinz Twilight Dragon comes with a Webkins bookmark and sealed code!



We've got other great stuffed dragons. Please take a look.



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