Duck Dog Toys
Toys That Will Drive Your Dog Quackers!

Duck dog toys have proven to be many dogs' favorites. Paddle around this page to find the perfect plush duck dog toy for your pet.

No dog toy is perfect for all dogs, but many aren't worth even the cost of shipping. On this page you'll find the web's (no pun intended) most qualified quackers—duck toys that have proven to be a hit with both dogs and their owners.

Don't mess with bill, that is!
Duck Dog Toys - Platypus

Okay, okay! So Bill isn't really a duck. He's a duck-billed platypus and one of the most popular plush dog toys on the market.

Kyjen "Egg Babies" Dog Toys—with Squeaking Eggs

Kyjen Plush Platypus Egg Babies Dog Toy

Kyjen Egg Babies Duck Dog Toy

Both platypus and duck are part of the "Egg Babies" series. You stuff plush eggs inside an elastic opening and—squeak! squeak! squeak!—your dog tries to find them and get them out.

These stuffed animals—and other "Egg Babies" toys like the fish, frog and penguin— have received scores of primarily positive reviews from owners of both large and small dogs.

Check out "Egg Babies" dog toys on Amazon here.

TIP: Show your dog how to get the eggs out of the toy's belly, and the toy will last a lot longer!



Mallard Migrator Dog Toy

Multipet Migrators Mallard Duck Dog Toy

This 15” Multipet mallard dog toy makes realistic sounds that dogs love!

Amazon Review:

“My Brittany loves her migrator toys! She has a mallard, a goose and a pheasant. These are the only toys she doesn't shred. She loves the honking sound. A real winner.”



A number of these toys are eligible for FREE SHIPPING through Amazon when bundled with other eligible items to meet Amazon's minimum purchase requirements. Take advantage!


Doggles Duck Toy

Doggles Duck Dog Toy



This Doggles "Cast of Characters" toy is a hoot.

Notice that it already comes wounded and bandaged in anticipation of what your dog will do to it!

Dogs won't catch the humor but people will, making this a NEAT GIFT.



Kong Squeaking Duck

Kong Platy Duck Dog Toy

This 5.5” Kong plush duck is popular with small dog owners.

Includes replacement squeaker!

Sample Amazon Review:

“Great toy for smaller dogs. I gave one of these to ours neighbors dog and it quickly became one of his favorites. Very durable and can be machine washed. Good investment for your K9 friends.”

More FUN Duck Dog Toys


Chuckit! (Colors Vary)

Chuckit! Amphibious Duck Diver Dog Toy



Chuckit is one of the few fetch toys that works on both land and water!

It's easy to throw and easy on your dog's teeth.

Plus, it always rights itself upon landing, making it easy for your dog to spot!



Coleman Plump Duck Pet Toy

Coleman colorful plump duck dog toy

This pretty 9.5” Coleman duck dog toy is a winner with both canines and owners!

Doublestiched and durable, it gets lots of customer comments like this:

“My 3 year old yellow lab got this for Christmas, she LOVES it. She carries it with her everywhere she goes, and occasionally licks it. No damage yet and it's been a month!”



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