Easter Baskets for Kids

Welcome to our parade of Easter baskets for kids. You'll find fun novelty baskets and ideas, no-hassle gourmet baskets, and unique ideas for filling Easter baskets.

Duck Easter Basket

Kids Duck Easter Basket by Barrington Bears


This cute 11” x 12” x 13.5” kids Duck Easter basket by Bearington Bears is soft and cuddly.

It elicits enthusiastic quacks! - like this one - from parents:

“Get it. It is so cute and adorable. You will not be disappointed at all. Such a great Easter basket, especially for under 5 yrs old.”


Easter Bunny Basket

Pink fabric Easter bunny basket for kids



These adorable Burton & Burton fabric Easter baskets for kids have poseable ears and embroidered features.

They stand 14” tall (with ears) and come in etiher blue or pink.


My First Easter Basket

Baby Gund: My First Easter Basket with plush Easter Bunny, chick, and Easter Egg



My First Easter Basket by Baby Gund is infant safe and developmental.

The bunny rattles, the chick chirps, and the egg crinkles.


Easter Basket Playset

Gund My Frist Easter Basket Playset - includes Easter Bunny, lamb, and chich



This Gund Easter Basket playset is designed for ages 12 months and up.

The Easter bunny has a mirror in its belly, the egg-shaped chick rattles, and the lamb makes crinkle sounds.


Ladybug Goodies Basket

Ladybug Easter Basket for Kids



Easter baskets for kids don't get neater than this plush ladybug.

It's ready to be filled with delightful goodies.



Disney Thumper Kid's Basket

Disney Thumper Easter Bassket for Kids




Delightful plush Thumper basket for candy and other treats for the young Bambi fan.


Pooh Easter Basket

Pooh plush easter basket for kids with Pooh and Tigger figures, plus Easter egg.




Disney makes these cute plush Pooh Easter baskets for kids.

Each basket comes with an Easter egg, plus 4” Pooh and Tigger stuffed figures...with bunny ears, of course!


Mickey Mouse

Disney plush Mickey Mouse Easter Basket



Here's a cute plush Mickey Mouse Easter carrier.

There's a Minnie Mouse basket available as well.



LEGO Easter Basket

LEGO Easter basket with 86 pieces and 4 buildable eggs



This LEGO Easter Basket consists of 86 pieces, with pieces to create 4 buildable eggs.

Fun gift for LEGO fan.


Spider-Man Easter Basket

Spiderman Plush Easter Basket: 8" x 8" x 8 "




This neat 3-D Spiderman Easter basket measures 8” x 8” x 8.”

For the young Spiderman fan, it can serve a double duty Halloween treat basket!


Snake Easter Basket

Snake Plush Easter Basket for Kids - light green and aqua blue




This fun snake basket is one of the more unique Easter baskets for kids.

I love the idea of the coils and tail—and those loveable eyes!


Elmo Easter Basket

Sesame Street Elmo with Bunny Ears Easter Basket




Popular characters like Elmo make great Easter baskets for kids.

This cuddly, plush 3-D Sesame Street product measures 9.5 x 8.5 x 7.2 inches.


Great Easter Basket Ideas

Sure, you'll find lots of neat candy treats for filling a child's Easter basket at your local stores. But here are some great items you probably won't find locally.


Ty Hello Kitty

Ty Easter Hello Kitty Beanie Baby



Easter Hello Kitty Beanie Baby toy by Ty.

Makes a great basket stuffer, as noted in this review:

“My grandchildren were thrilled to get both their "easter bunny" and hello kitty wrapped in one package. I bought 2 and they were both adorable. ”


Play-Doh Easter Bunny

Play-Doh 3.5 inch bunny filled with 2 oz of play-doh.




This cute 3.5” Easter bunny is filled with 2 oz. of Play-Doh.

Makes a nice non-candy addition to Easter baskets, plus it's a keepsake.

Also cames as an adorable Easter Chick.


Easter Speedsters

Hot Wheels Easter Speedsters - Set of 5 Cars


This Hot Wheels set of 5 Easter Speedsters make a great addition to the right Easter basket.

Candy revs a child up, but these cool cars will keep him or her energized all year!


Easter Basket Clip Ons

Sesame Street Easter Basket Clip Ons - Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster



These Sesame Street Easter basket clip ons come in a set of 3: Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster.

Great for year-round play. Ages 12 months and up.


Playskool Weebles

Playskool Easter Weebles set includes a bunny and chick



This Playskool set of Easter weebles includes a bunny and chick.

Weebles are egg-shaped characters that wobble and sway gleefully, but never, ever fall over.

For ages 12 months and up.


Madelaine Chocolates Make TERRIFIC Basket Fillers!

I lived for years near the Madelaine Chocolates factory in Rockaway Beach, NY, and I was shocked when someone first gave me a bag of their chocolate eggs. They were the creamiest, smoothest, yummiest chocolate I had ever tasted.

I've eaten chocolate from all over the world that cost three or even four times as much, but none was better than Madelaine's.

If you have to fill a few Easter baskets for kids, buy some of the chocolate lollies, bunnies, and eggs listed below, and distribute them among the baskets. Of course, save a few of these delicacies for yourself...they're DELICIOUS!


Chocolate Bunny Hutch Gift Box

Madelaine Chocolate Easter Bunny Hutch Set: 8 solid chocolate mini bunnies, 2 squatty rabbits, and 3 eggs.


This Madelaine Chocolate Bunny Hutch Gift Set contains all solid chocolate items.

The set contains 8 yummy mini bunnies, 2 squatty rabbits, and 3 eggs.

Place into an Easter basket as is, or break up to place in different baskets.


Madelaine Chocolate Easter Lollies

Madelaine Chocolates boxed set of 4 yummy Easter Lolly Pops



One of the best ideas for Easter baskets is really yummy chocolates, and these Madelaine Chocolates lollies fit the bill.

As I mentioned above, I've never tasted creamier, more luscious chocolate candies than those made by Madelaine Chocolates.


Chocolate-Filled Easter Bunny

Madelaine Chocolate Easter bunny giftable filled with delicious solid milk chocolate eggs




Simply drop this keepsake Easter bunny into your child's Easter basket.

It's filled with delicious, premium milk chocolate eggs.


Milk Chocolate Egg Crate

Madelaine Chocolate crate of 12 premium solid milk chocolate Easter eggs


These 12 premium solid milk chocolate Easter eggs come in a charming clear egg crate.

These delicious miniature eggs are wrapped in Italian foil with colorful floral patterns.


Mini Bunnies Gift Bag

Madelaine Chocolate solid milk chocolate mini bunnies gift bag for easter




These Madelaine Chocolate solid milk chocolate Easter bunnies come in an attractive gift bag.

Like all Madelaine chocolate treats, they are gourmet delicacies!



Gourmet Easter Baskets for Kids

Don't feel like putting together your own Easter basket? Buying and mailing to someone who lives too far away to visit in person? Here are some great Easter gift baskets that will let you show your love. Most also let you include a personal message.

Ducks, Birds, Chicks - Oh My!

Ducks, Birds, Chicks - Oh, my - Easter basket for toddlers 18 - 30 months




This colorful Easter basket is for toddlers aged 18 - 30 months.

Contains age-appropriate goodies and fun activities tucked into a cute plush duck Easter basket!


My Little Lamb Gift Basket

My Little Lamb Gourmet Easter basket for kids



My Little Lamb Easter gift basket by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

Includes a soft and cuddly Easter lamb.

Contains cute treats like Cherub Cookies, a white chocolate cross, a frosted baby lamb cookie...and much more.


Hoppin’ Easter Fun

Hoppin' Easter  Fun: Easter baskets for kids aged 3 to 5

These Hoppin’ Easter Fun baskets for kids mesure 9” wide x 14” high.

Each contains a plush Easter bunny, yummy candy, plus age-appropriate games and toys for kids aged 3 to 5.

Here's a review:

“my Grandaughter loved this basket!! When she (her Dad really) phoned me on the Web cam she showed me everthing!!! Yeah Grandma ”


Lucky Ducky Basket

Lucky Ducky Easter Baskets for kids contain a 10 inch plush duck plus lots of candy treats.




This Easter basket contains a 10” plush duck, a chocolate bunny, plus lots of other yummy Easter candy.

Measures 11 x 8 x 15 inches. Basket is beautifully hand-wrapped and includes a card for your message.


SomeBunny Loves You

Some Bunny Loves You fabric Easter basket for kids



These cute “Some Bunny Loves You” Easter baskets for kids have embroidered accents and poseable ears.

They come wrapped in cellophane, with a variety of Easter candy treats.

Also available in blue.


Egg-streme Sports & Games

Eggs-treme Sports & Games Easter Gift Basket for Boys 6 - 9 yealrs old.




Egg-streme Easter baskets for kids—boys 6 - 9, to be specific—are filled with goodies and go-get-ems!

Check out the product details to see the GREAT STUFF it includes.


Egg-streme Glamour Girl

Eggs-treme Glamour Girl Easter gift basket for girls 6 - 9 years old




The Egg-streme Easter gift basket for girls 6 - 9 years old mesures 12” L x 6” W x 12” H.

It's filled with Easter sweets, a sweet stuffed bunny, and lots of cool girlie-girl accessories like Nail Decals, bracelets, clips & more.


Oh Yuck! Easter Fun

Oh Yuck, Easter Fun Easter Basket for Tween Boys Aged 10 - 13 years.



Neat Easter Fun Basket is for tween boys aged 10 - 13.

It's a GROSS ’EM OUT special which includes the popular book, Oh Yuck! The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty.

Psst! They were smart enough to include yummy Easter sweets.



Fashionista! Easter Basket for tween girls aged 10 - 13.



This “Fashionista” Easter basket is for tween girls aged 10 - 13.

Lots of Easter goodies and accessories for the budding fashion-conscious young lady.

Contains tools for exploring her fashion ideas, including Eye Design: My First Portfolio.


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