Fat Cat Dog Toys

Fat Cat Dog Toys have grown steadily in popularity. Each dog toy tends to stand out as unique, colorful and quirky. Most are also unusually rugged and durable.

One of the best things about Fat Cat is the wild names they choose for their toys. Who can fail to get a charge out of names like The Incredible Strapping Yankers Dog Toy, Water Bottle Crunchers, and Doggy Hoots Terrible Nasty Scaries?


Fat Cat Yankers Dog Tug Toy

Snake Tug Toy



These Incredible Strapping Yankers Fat Cat dog toys—snake and trout—can withstand nearly 1/2 ton of tugging pressure!

This tantalizing 14.5” snake is fortified with an inner tightly-woven nylon strap.

Not indestructible, but makes the grade for most dogs:

“I have a Doberman Pinscher and she loves her Snake. They will last for months and months without comming apart. This is a very good product for the big dog that loves to chew, chase and pull.”



Fat Cat Heebie Jeebies Stuffing Free Dog Toy

Stuffing Free Dog Toy




This stuffing free Heebie Jeebies dog toy saves on clean up time.

Contains four squeakers. Measures 15” L x 10.75” W x 3/4” thick.

Comes randomly in orange or purple.



Fat Cat Terrible Nasty Scaries plush dog toys

Terrible Nasty Scaries



Terrible Nasty Scaries Fat Cat classics come in assorted colors and styles.

Scaries are exceedingly floppy—making for great doggy fun—but made of durable canvas.

“I love these product. My 11 year old Chocolate Lab rips apart every toy we've ever gotten him, except for Fat Cats Toys.”



Fat Cat Dog Toy - Dirty Rotten Kitty

Dirty Rotten Kitty - 1/2 Size





This version of Dirty Rotten Kitty, one of the Terrible Nsty Scaries, is designed for smaller dogs.

Dirty Rotten Kitty is meant to drive dogs to revenge and owners to laughter.



Fat Cat Dgo Toys - Rubber Neckers

Fat Cat Rubber Neckers



Rubber Neckers Fat Cat dog toys have coiled rubber necks—making them more flappable, chewable, and durable than most pet toys.

Made of heavy duty canvas, they measure 12” long and contain a protected squeaker.

NOTE: You recieve either the alligator or the leopard, not both.



Fat Cat Water Bottle Crunchers Dog Toys

Water Bottle Crunchers




This Fat Cat Water Cruncher dog toy is meant for medium-sized dogs.

Stick up to a 20 oz. empty water bottle inside either 17” toy, close the velcrox, and you've got a cruncher!

Very popular toy. But check out these mixed reviews for durability.



Fat Cat Dog Toys - assorted squeakers and cracklers

Squeakers & Cracklers



Do you like taking a chance?

Each of these three Fat Cat dog toys squeaks and crackles.

They're all cute, but you only get ONE—and there's no telling which!

They're all constructed with a heavy duty canvas outer shell.



Gruntley's Grunting Animals Fat Cat Dog Toys

Bad Picture—Great Toy


Gruntley's Grunting Animals by Fat Cat don't look like much in this photo...

But, boy, do dogs LOVE these pigs!

P.S. You get one of these pigs, not all three.


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