Best Football Baby Blanket Ideas

These football baby blanket ideas will help you score a touchdown at that baby shower!

Carberts Snuggle Me Boa Football Baby Blanket

Carters Boa Baby Blanket

Carters 30” x 40” football baby blanket is made of soft boa fabric. Machine washable.

Carters Snuggle Me boa blankets score a touchdown with lots of comments like this one:

“Absolutely love this soft blanket that provides a lot of warmth without making the baby sweaty. It also is cushy enough to let the baby lie on our floor on top of it but not too bulky that it's hard to stuff into my baby bag.”



Taggies colorful football baby blanket

Taggies Football Blanket




This Taggies 17” x 10” football blanket is small, but still a winner with most Amazon customers.

The colors and satiny tags keep baby stimulated and engaged.

Sample Amazon Review:

“This thing is SOOO soft! I love it and so does my baby boy! He always has it in his arms when he's in bed and sleeps on it like a pillow. So sweet!”



Taggies plush football for babies

Taggies Plush Football




Hey! Here's a Taggies plush football baby toy to go with that blanket.

10” x 6” x 6”. Machine washable.

Too big? Here's a cute 6” Taggies Travel Football with teething ring.



Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball Fleece Baby Blanket for a Boy

Baby Boy Blanket




Raising an all-around athlete?

This 36” x 36” velboa fleece baby blanket for boys features a football, baseball, basketball, and soccer theme.

Machine washable in cold water.



Fleece baby blanket with embroidered image of football helmet

Blanket with Football Helmet Image


This 29” x 29” polyester fleece blanket will come with the image of a football helmet embroidered on it.

NOTE: The small images in the lower corner of the blanket are not the embroidered image.

Also available in pink.



Plush personalized football pillow

Personalized Football Pillow





This 8 x 4.5 x 14.5 inch plush football pillow can be personalized—choose from four different fonts.

Safe for all ages.



Foootball Baby Secutity Blankets




This 12” x 18” football baby blanket comes in a variety of team colors.

5” plush football carries team logo.

Amazon Review:

“This was a great product, very cute and good quality. Received it very quickly too! ”

Some of the teams, in alphabetical order, include:


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