Best Fox Stuffed Animal Toys

Here are the best fox stuffed animal choices, as rated by numerous online buyers. These delightful stuffed fox toy ideas are for fox lovers of all ages.

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Aurora 12” Fiona Fox Flopsie Stuffed Animal
Aurora Fiona Flopsie



Aurora 12” Fiona fox flopsie plush animal is just the right size for taking on car trips.

These satisfied owners wax eloquent about Fiona's shiny coat, brilliant colors, and cuddly softness.



Aurora Fanny Fox Mini Flopsie Plush Toy
Fannie Fox Mini Flopsie



This Aurora 8” Fannie Fox mini Flopsie stuffed toy is bean filled.

Fannie gets mixed reviews, in part because she's smalll.

The plus is that she fits perfectly into Aurora Fancy Pals pet carriers.



Hansa Standing Plush Red Fox
Red Fox Standing


This Hansa standing red fox is awesome and realistic!

Amazon customer comment:

“I bought this fox for my son, and gave only one hint. that hint was 'it would make him smile', it was a christmas gift. He absolutely loved it.”



36 inch fox stuffed animal by Big Plush
36-inch Plush Fox





This jumbo fox may not be realistic, but it sure is soft and cuddly.

Check out the great reviews!



Ty Beanie Baby - Dora's Fox Stuffed Animal
Swiper - Dora's Fox



Swiper, Dora's fox, is an 8” Ty Beanie Baby.

Swiper's shortcoming seems to be that his whiskers tend to fall out. Otherwise, he gets great reviews.

He's the right size for little hands and fits nicely into a Dora the Explorer backpack.



Folkmanis Stuffed Fox Stage Puppet

Fox Puppet





This Folkmanis fox puppet is 11” tall with movable arms and mouth.

Folkmanis puppets nearly always get positive feedback from parents and teachers.



Webkinz Fox Stuffed Animal



Webkinz 11” long plush fox with big, bushy tail.

Gets great customer feedback. Includes online play, which many parents consider educational.



Webkinz Fox Stuffed Animal
Webkinz Small Signature




This Webkinz 10” signature series plush fox comes with a cute virtual counterpart for online play.

According to customers, this foxy gal (or guy) is quite realistic and far cuter than you can tell from the picture.



Skinneeez stuffing free fox dog toy

Fox Dog Toy




This 27” Skinneeez fox dog toy is stuffing free.

This dog owner points out why Skinneeez dog toys like this are so popular:

“My dogs absolutely loved this toy. Wonderful product and I didn't have to worry about the stuffing being ripped out!”



Plush Roxy Red Fox by Douglas Cuddle Toys
“Roxy” by Douglas Cuddle Toys



Roxy Red Fox by Douglas measures 14” from front paw to end of tail.

Slightly understuffed but still squishable. Reddish brown on top with a white underbody.



Webkinz Artic Fox Studded Animal

Webkinz Arctic Fox




This Webkinz 8” arctic fox stuffed animal is super soft and cuddly.

And how about that big, bushy tail?

Of course, as part of the purchase price you get access to the Webkinz website, with all its games and pet adoption related activities.



Cuddlekin Feccec Fox Stuffed Animal

Fennec Fox





This plush 12” Cuddlekin fennec fox is understuffed to increase its softness.

Fennec foxes are small nocturnal animals indiginous to the Sahara of North Africa and noted for there large ears.



Hansa Stuffed Red Fox

Handcrafted Fox


This 17” Hansa fox stuffed animal is handcrafted by Philipino artisans.

Hansa plush toys are created from an average of 42 different pieces!

Ages: 3+



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