Furreal Pets & Friends

FurReal pets are the closest thing to For Real animals to love and play with. You'll find favorite Fur Real Friends here, including the butterscotch pony, cat, and McCaw parrot!

If you can't have a live pet, these realistic plush animals are the next best thing. They're not only favorites of children, but also make great companions for the elderly and handicapped.


FurReal Pets Plush McCaw Parrot

Hasbro FurReal Parrot


Hasbro's FurReal Friends 12” tall McCaw parrot looks, acts, and talks like a real parrot!

It cocks its head, ruffles its feathers, and responds to touch.

Both a kid and crowd pleaser:

“When I first opened the box from Amazon the parrot said 'hello' and he hasn't stopped entertaining us since then. He feels like a parrot, he moves like a parrot, he looks like a parrot. Absolutely love him!!!”



FurReal Friends White Kitty Cat Pet

Furreal Cat

This cute white kitty cat is extremely popular.

She purrs and rolls back when you pet her head.

“My child wanted a cat, but we have two dogs; so this was the best bet. This cat did the trick! It is so life-like and adorable. Has sleep mode and you can turn it off when you like. Absolutely purrfect! ”


Furreal Pets Can Be For Real Friends


FurReal Friends Lulu - My Cuddlin' Kitty Cat

FurReal Friends Lulu




Fur Real Pet Lulu, My Cuddlin' Kitty Cat, is about 15” long and very lovable!

Comes with an adoption certificate.

People say Lulu makes a great companion for both children and the home bound elderly.



FurReal Pets Gogo - My Walkin' Pup

FurReal Friends GoGo



Take Gogo, Fur Real Friends My Walkin' Pup, for a walk with her remote control leash.

Fashioned after a Bichon Frise, Gogo makes barking sounds and wags her tail.



FurReal Pets: Bisquit, My Lovin' Pup

Biscuit: My Lovin' Pup



If you can't have a real dog, FurReal Friends Bisquit might be the right pup for you.

Bisquit sits 21” tall and his robotic sensors react to touch and voice.

He responds to six different commands!

This plush dog comes with collar and tag, plastic bone, plastic brush, and an adoption certificate.



FurReal Friends Chimp Plush Toy

Furreal Cuddle Chimp





This Fur Real 12” cuddle Chimp makes realistic noises when petted or tickled.

Feed him his bottle and he makes slurping sounds. Give him a hug and he hugs you back!


FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony

FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony


FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony was 2007 winner of T.O.T.Y. Award for Best Girls Toy of the Year!

This lifelike shetland pony measures almost 3 feet tall and reacts like a real horse when petted, brushed, or fed its special carrot.

Recommended for ages 3-10—holds up to 80 lbs.


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