Good Gifts for Valentines Day

Need good gifts for Valentines Day? These adorable plush animals and flowers not only make memorable Valentine presents—they can be enjoyed for years!



Sing-a-ma-Jigs Plush Stuffed Valentine's Day doll



Valentine Sing-a-ma-jig sings “Let Me Call You Sweetheart" when you press its belly.

2 AAA batteries included.

Love those ears!


30-Inch Love Bear

Valentine Love Teddy Bear Hold red heart saying Be Mine



Teddy bears make classic good gifts for valentines Day.

This 30” stuffed plush “Love” teddy Bear wears his heart on his to speak.


13-inch Kissing Monkey

13" Plush Kissing Stuffed Monkey with Valentines heart shorts



Do stuffed monkeys wearing heart shorts make better Valentine gifts for husbands or wives?

I guess that's for you to decide.

When you push this monkey's arm he makes a cute kissing sound. Does that help?


Close-up of 30-inch kissing money with heart shorts




Here's a close-up of the 13-inch Kissing Monkey


30-inch kissing monkeys make good gifts for valentines day



And here's the smoocher with his kissing cousin.

You can find the white kissing monkey here on Amazon.


Bearington Bears: Good Gifts for Valentines Day

Among these bears you'll find great presents for wives, moms, and grandmas, as well as husbands, boyfriends, and the special children in your life.


Bearington Bears 'Love Stinks' Plush Valentine bear

Love Stinks

Bearington Bears Stud Lee Stuffed Valentine Bear

Stud Lee


Bearington Bears Baker Lovemaker Stuffed Plush Valentins Bear

Baker Lovemaker

Bearington Bears Stuffed Valentine Bear Toy - Nuts About You

Nuts About You


Bearington Bears plush Valentines Love Bug ladybug

Love Bug

BVearington Bears Undercover Lover Plush Valentines Bear

Undercover Lover

Plush Valentine Flowers

Typically, there's no more ephemeral gift than flowers (Well, maybe candy.) But these lovely plush flower arrangements for Valentines Day make good gifts that last and light up eyes and hearts for years.


6 Foot tall plsuh red rose flower with teddy bear by big plsuh



Comes with a bear wrapped around the stem.

Lovely soft plush red rose attached to a firm but flexible stem.

One of my co-workers recieved a flower like this a few years ago. She displays it above her desk—everyone who passes comments.

Adorable But Cheap Valentine Flowers

These plush flowers make good gifts for Valentine's Day. Give them with some candy and you'll get a smile back like those on the flowers:

Fiesta Toys plush happy face flowers - 23 inches

Happy Face Flowers

Fiesta Toys plush assorted flowers that say, I love you.

“I Love You” Flowers


Plush Flower House with Plush Bugs

Unipak 11-inche plush flower house with 5 bugs



This Unipak 13-inch flower serves as a happy home for 5 delightful plush bugs. Small kids enjoy showing the bugs their home.

Not a gift made specifically for February 14th. But add some chocolate or other candy and it becomes a memorable gift for the occasion.


Other Good Gifts for Valentines Day

These extremely popular Webkinz stuffed animals make inexpensive but memorable gifts for either children or adults.


Webkinz Love Frog

Webkinz Valentine Plush Love Frog


Gifts like the Webkinz Love Frog are among the best Valentines gifts for kids, since they not only get to cuddle them but also play with them online.

But these adorable soft stuffed animals are also popular with older kids and even adults, and this Amazon review reflects:

“My husband gave me this frog for Valentines Day as an addition to my collection and I think it is adorable.”


Webkinz Love Spaniel

Webkinz Love Spaniel plush Valentines Gift Idea




Among Valentines gifs for dog-loving kids or young ladies, this adorable Webkinz Love Spaniel is poised to be a sure winner!


Love to Grandma

Ty Beanie Babies Love to Gradma Plush Bear




             Don't forget Grandma!


Buying for kids or on a budget? Here are lots more great but inexpensive Valentines ideas to choose from.


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