Guinea Pig Toy Ideas
Cutest and Most Realistic Versions

Looking for a plush guinea pig toy your child can cuddle and nurture? Here are some of the best guinea pig toys available, at some of the most reasonable prices around!

Many of these critters are eligible for FREE SHIPPING through Amazon, the world's most highly respected onliine seller. Simply combine an eligible toy with one or two other eliglble items—to bring your total to $25—and you'll save $$$!

FurReal Friends black and white plush guinea pig toy

Newborn Guinea Pig



This FurReal Friends newborn plush guinea pig acts like a real guinea pig.

When you pet its back, it lifts its head and makes baby sounds.

Ideal for the family that doesn't want to deal with a live pet.



Webkinz plush guinea pig toy

Webkinz Guinea Pig


This Webkinz guinea pig is soft, plush, and huggable. Playing with its online avatar is a funl bonus for most kids!

Amazon Review:

“Ordered this item for my 5 year old granddaughter's birthday after being told by her mother that she loved the real guinea pig at preschool. She loves it and I am very satisfied with my purchase.”



Hansa black & white plush guinea pig toy

Hansa Black Guinea


This 8” hand-crafted Hansa gem is one of the more realistic toy guinea pigs.

An Amazon customer reflects:

“I just loved this little guy. He looked just like my daughters piggy that passed away. I got it for her to help her through. It really helped and was so darling to boot!”



Douglas plush marble guinea pig toy

Douglas Guinea Pig



This Douglas 8” marble stuffed guinea pig is made of very soft kohair “fur.”

Wins owners over!

“This little creature is so worth the money. I can see why they run out of stock so often. Extremely soft. And truly looks very much like a guinea pig.”


Ty Plush Guinea Pigs

Ty makes a number of Beanie Baby guinea pig toys, some of which are already collectors' items. Here are a few of the most popular and/or unusual.



Ty Beany Baby Rosa plush guinea pig toy

Ty Rosa


Among plush guinea pigs, Rosa is probably the most popular Ty Beanie Baby sold on

“My 3 year old daughter absolutely loves this guinea pig. She takes it everywhere and it's very cute. It is smaller than I thought it would be from the photo, but well made and a great toy.”


Ty Rosa plush guinea pig keychain

Ty Rosa - Keychain






Ty Rosa, the guinea pig, keychain is tiny, but oh-so-soft and cute!


Ty Pinky Plush Guinea Pig Toy

Ty Pinky Guinea Pig


Ty Pinky Beanie Babies toy guinea pig is 8” long and adorable:

“When I saw it and I instantly loved it. It's so cute and soft. Get it from Amazon, it's cheaper then in stores.”

Ty Classic Pinky measures 12.”





Ty Beany Baby PATCHES stuffed plush guinea pig toy

Ty Patches Toy



6” Beanie Baby, Patches, is another cute plush guinea pig.

Ty Classic Patches —over 12” long—is also available.


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