Kimochis Plush Animals

Kimochis plush animals help children understand their feelings and emotions in a fun way!

Plush octopus Kimochi stuffed animal

Huggtopus Kimochi

Here are some basic facts about Kimochis:

In Japanese, the word, 'Kimochi,' means feelings. Variations of the basic word are used to describe a number of different emotions.

Kimochis plush pets are educational, whether used in a formal setting by a teacher or therapist, or informally at home by a parent.

Each Kimochi has a pocket where kids can store their feelings. Each also comes with a Feel Guide containing parental tips for making best use of the toy.

This unique product has won numerous awards, including a Parents' Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence, a Teacher's Pick Instructor Award, and more!

Recommeded for children 3 - 8 years old, each Kimochi feeling has a facial expression on one side and the emotion printed on the other side.

With an adult's help, Kimochis help children to identify, understand, and better communicate their feelings.

Most importantly, these unique stuffed toys are adorable, lovable, and great fun for kids to play with!


Kimochis Bug Box Set

Kimochis bug plush animal


This cute Kimochis bug set comes with three emotions: Brave, Happy, and Left Out.

Bug stands over 13 inches tall and has delightful folding wings!

Check out the excellent reviews that customers give this toy.



Kimochis Plush Cloud Toy

Kimochis Cloud box set of plush toys



Cloud is such a great idea for a Kimocki toy, because we see so many things in clouds!

Cloud's emotions include Happy, Sad, and, yes, Mad.

Pick the Kimochi with the emotions your child will learn the most from.



Kimochis Cat Set

Kimochis cat box set stuffed animal



This Kimochi plush cat comes with a set of feelings that includes Curious, Cranky and, of course, Happy.

The set includes five fabric bandages a child can use to heal Cat's feelings when they get hurt.


Kimochis Bella Rose

Kimochis Bella Rose plush doll


While Kimochis plush animals appeal to most children, some kids prefer this cute Bella Rose doll.

Customer Comment:

“My daughters were taught about Kimochis at school. When kids can't verbally express their feelings, they can show you their emotions with the doll tucked inside Bella's dress.”



Kimochi Lovey Dove Plush Toy

Kimochis plush turtle dove and baby toy


Lovey Dovey, the Kimochi turtle dove, has silky pockets under its wings for carrying Baby Dove!

A symbol of peace, Lovey Dovey comes with only positive emotions: Proud, Hopeful, and Happy.



Kimochis Mixed Bag

Kimochis set of 12 mixed plush mini emotions


This Kimochis set includes 12 mini emotions, including Excited, Sleepy, Cranky, Brave, and more!

Includes a keychain clip so a child can clip an emotion to their backpack.

For example, they might feel like telling someone: “Hey, I'm Sorry!”



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