Kreechers Plush Pillows

Kreechers plush pillows are wild and crazy! Kids understand them totally—as do adults with a sufficiently (uhh) sophisticated sense of humor!

Stanley Kreecher Pillow



Kreetchers pillows like Stanley are the creation of a crazy group of plush animal designers who either had too much time on their hands...

...or who went brilliantly mad.

If you're not sure what to do with a Kreetcher, I'll help you.

5 Great Things to Do with Kreetchers

  1. Use them as throw pillows. Imagine a Kreetcher at each end of your couch. (If you can't imagine them, you're probably not into Kreetcher Comfort.) But you probably know someone who would enjoy these kitchy creatures!
  2. Hide a Kreetcher in the guest bed. When friends or relatives stay over, watch what happens when they turn in for the night. (Okay, okay, give them a boring, old real pillow, too.)
  3. Teach a sassy young relative a lesson—as well as a vocabulary word. Give them a Kreetcher, with a note that reads: ”This pillow reminded me so much of you, I thought it would make the perfect gift! Happy Mirthday!”
  4. Take a Kreetcher to work. When you display a character like Stanley on your desk, people won't have to ask how you feel—Stanley's face says it all!
  5. Give one to a child—Kreechers plush pillows were actually created for 3 - 12 year olds. Most kids love these absurd characters and get a thrill out of showing them off to their friends and relatives.

The whole idea of Kreetchers pillows is to shake up people's worlds in a fun way—and to make them smile!


Mildred Kreecher Pillow

Mildred Kreechers Pillow




Mildred looks a little overwhelmed—the way we all feel sometimes, right?



Hank Kreechers Pillow

Hank Kreecher Pillow



Who couldn't make friends with a unique fellow like Hank?



Amazon Review:

“My sister bought this for her friend and it arrived quickly. Nonetheless we were pleased and wanted to keep it for ourselves. Of course, we didn't. It is creative and unique and something to have.”



Eugene Kreecher Pillow





Like many children and adults, Eugene does not like to get out of bed in the morning.



Beatrice Kreechers Pillow

Beatrice plush Kreetchers Pillow





Beatrice looks a little confused, but that doesn't make her less lovable.



Blanche Kreecher Pillow

Blanche plush Kreechers pillow




Blanche looks like the kind of Kreecher you'd meet at the beauty parlour...

Love that hair!



Floyd Kreecher Pillow

Floyd Kreechers Pillow




Floyd looks like an escaped Kreechers pillow convict if ever I saw one!



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