Life-like Stuffed Animals M-Z

These amazingly life-like stuffed animals make ideal pets and great teaching tools. Many are exotic—all are loveable.

Close-up of Fiesta's life-like plush platypus

Plush Platypus by Fiesta

Scouted from the pages of, these are the most lifelike plush animals you'll find anywhere!

Offered at competitive Amazon prices, many are also eligible for FREE SHIPPING through Amazon.




Mountain Goat

Stuffed plush mountain goat hand-crafted by Hansa




Let's face it, handcrafted 12” mountain goat by Hansa is
“udderly adorable.”



Flying Squirrel Puppet

Folkmanis plush stuffed Flyying Squirrel puppet



This Flying Squirrel puppet by Folkmanis has movable front paws and tail.

Delighted Amazon customers it “soft and sweet,” “amazingly realistic,” and “a HUGE hit.”


Children and adults who can't have pets often
fall in love with life-like stuffed animals.



Plush stuffed opposum by Fiesta Toys




Fiesta's 10 inch plush possum wins cudos for both its cuteness and life-like realism.




Hansa ostrich life-like stuffed animal



This 32 inch stuffed male ostrich by Hansa is handcrafted down to the last lifelike detail.

Whether you're using it for teaching, display, or simply for play, you'll nev er find a more realistic, high-quality ostrich.



Ostrich Stage Puppet

Beautiful plush ostrich stage puppet by Folkmanis



Like all Folkmanis puppets, this 17” ostrich stage puppet stands out among all other contenders.

Just check out these awesome ostrich reviews on Amazon.



Realistic plush creations often cost more than ordinary plush toys due to the extra care taken to produce accurate replicas.



Parrot — Scarlet Macaw Puppet

Folkmanis' Scarlet Macaw parrot is colorful and realistic




Folkmanis puppets are delightful life-like stuffed animals perfect for teaching and imaginative play.




Fiesta life-like plush Platypus


The photo of this plush Platypus by Fiesta speaks for itself.

However, a couple dozen admirers also have some great things to say about this platypus..




Plush Scorpion by Fiesta Toys


This 16” plush dark brown scorpion by Fiesta sports a poseable tail.

Read how one office worker turned her scorpion into a cute desk toy.




Hansa White Seal Plush Toy


This white seal by Hansa is one of the most beautiful and life-like stuffed animals.

It is hand-made with all of Hansa's typical attention to quality and detail.



Sea Turtle

Plush 12-inch sea turtkle flopsie by Aurora



This plush 12” sea turtle is part of Aurora's Flopsie collection.

It is realistically styled, but soft and cuddly.



Sea Turtle — Giant Sea Turtle

Giant plush sea turtle by Melissa & Doug


Melissa & Doug's Giant Sea Turtle measures 26” long

This lovable giant has recieved over two dozen 5-star reviews from delighted Amazon customers!



Sloth — Three-Toed

plush Three-Toed Sloth by Hansa



This plush Three-Toed by Hansa is hand crafted by Philipino artisans.

As these customers attest, it is life-like, well-made, and well worth the asking price.




Aurora Nutty Gray Plush Squirrel


I once tried to make friends with a squirrel in the park by cupping my hand as if I had a peanut.

The squirrel approached cautiously. When it reached my hand, it rose up on its hind legs and began sniffing around for a peanut.

Finding no peanut, it bit my thumb (I like to think it mistook my thumb for a peanut.)

Plush squirrels are much safer to play with!



Tarantula — Hand Puppet

Folkmanis Plush Tarantula Puppet



This 9 inch Tarantula hand puppet by Folkmanis is meant to fit the hands of children.

It's lots of fun and authentic enough to scare the pants off the squeamish.



Tarsier — Baby

Adorable, lifelike plush baby tarsier by Hansa


Tarsiers are small tree-dwelling animals whose mezmerizing eyes are as large as their brains.

This soft plush tarsier by Hansa invites learning about an exotic creature that could only survive in captivity in this part of the world.




Hansa Australian wombat stuffed animal


This lifelike poseable wombat, hand crafted by Hansa artisans, brings a bit of wild Austrailia to the classroom or bedroom.

Wombats are marsupials; that is, they carry their young in a pouch.




Vulture life-like stuffed animal by Hansa




This life-like plush vulture by Hansa is hand-crafted.

Notice the great attention paid to details!



Vulture — Turkey Vulture

Life-like turkey vulture plush toy by Cuddlekins Wild Republic



This stuffed turkey vulture by Cuddlekins Wild Republic has weighted wings and rear to keep it sitting upright.

Check out what these fans of turkey vultures have to say.




Cuddlekin 30 Inch realistic stuffed wolf by Wild Republic.

This 30” stuffed wolf by Wild Republic wins kudos for its realism, cuddly softness, and weighted paws!

Gets over 70 dazzling reviews like this one:

“I was absolutely blown away with the quality of this wolf. It's very realistic and so SOFT!! Absolutely love this one!! And yes, it truly is 30" long!!!”


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