Mom n Baby Plush Animals

These Mom n Baby plush animals are both lovable and educational. Stuffed animal families are the perfect way to teach a child about parenting and nurturing. Plus, they give a child two delightful stuffed toys to love.

mom n baby plush cats -  Nursing Nana

Nursing Nina Cat & Kittens


This delightful educational toy teaches children how a mommy cat feeds its baby kittens.

The kittens attach to the mom with magnets, but are easy for children to remove.

Customers use adjectives like the following to describe these toys: CUTE...ADORABLE.....EDUCATIONAL.



Nursing Nana Mom n Baby plush dog toy

Nursing Nana Dog


Nursing Nana's are soft and cuddly and encourage nurturing in young children.

They also help children to understand the breastfeeding process in human mothers.

Each nursing puppy is a different color, making it easy for a child to name.



Nat and Jules Baby and Mom Koala bears

Baby and Mom Koala Bears




This Nat and Jules mom-with-baby koala set is colorful and cozy for snuggling up with.c


Baby Dumbo and Mom Jumbo plush elephants

Disney Baby Dumbo & Mom Jumbo




This delightful Disney Park Dumbo and Jumbo, mom with baby combo, gets some telling five-star reviews.


mom n baby stuffed polar bears

Aurora 12" Mama and Cub




What's to say about this polar bear and cub except that they are soft, cuddly and adorable...with beautiful thick fur.

Polar bears are favorites among stuffed animal families.



mom n baby plush penguins

Penguin Mom with Baby



This emperor penguin Mom n Baby by Aurora are dubbed "super soft and realistic" by numerous Amazon reviewers.

The two delightful penquins stand up on their own and are permanently attached.



Mom n Baby plush musical turtles

Mom and Baby Musical Toy



This soft, plush stuffed baby toy is infant safe.

It plays "You Are My Sunshine" when you turn the baby turtle.



Mom n Baby stuffed kangaroo toys

Jirra Kangaroo with Baby



This Gund kangaroo momma and Joey pair has received over 50 awesome reviews!

Momma stands 9 inches high. The 4.5 inch Joey comes out of Momma's pouch for cuddling and hugging!



Mom n Baby plush panda bears

18" Mommy and Baby Panda Plush





These delicious mom n baby panda bear stuffed animals score big with parents and kids.


Mom n Baby plush toy fish

Plush Fish: Bubbles & Squirt


This Lambs & Ivy plush fish set aren't technically from the same family. But they are are colorful and go great with a nautical-themed infant bedroom.

SHOWER GIFT??? Consider this Bubbles and Squirt 5 Piece Bedding Set.

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