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Favorite monkey stuffed animals as rated by customers on Lovable plush monkey toys for kids and adults. Top sock monkey picks.

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Ty Pluffies Dangles Monkey

Pluffies Dangles Monkey Stuffed Toy



Dangles is a favorite among monkey stuffed animals.

Machine washable...reasonably priced...and adorable!

Dangles is an Star, having received almost three
dozen glowing reviews!


Here are two colorful versions of Dangles no longer being produced. They are collectors items and more expensive, but they also get rave reviews, and perhaps you'll be interested.


Blue Dangles Stuffed Monkey
Blue Dangles

Pink Dangles Plush Monkey
Pink Dangles



"M" Is For Monkey Plush

KIds Preferred "M" is for Monkey stuffed toy



This monkey plush animal gets kids started in the crib learning their letters.

Bight colors and multiple textures provide lots of sensory stimulation.

12 months-3 years.



Gund Monkey “Mambo”

Gund Stuffed Monkey Mambo Toy

Gund 14” plush monkey “Mambo” loves his plush banana!

He's also a hit with both kids and adults, as these Amazon customers point out:

“I think that this is probably the cutest stuffed monkey that I have ever seen! I absolutely love him!”

“At this point, I've bought this monkey five times - for friends, the children of friends, extended family members, and charitable donations. This dude is awesome...”



Gund Marbles Monkey

Gund Marbles 15 inch monkey stuffed animal



This 15” Gund Marbles stuffed monkey is also a cutie.

Made of extra-soft wide cordoruy, it has a peace sign on left foot.

Recommended for ages 1 year and up.



Schylling Sock Monkey

Schylling Sock Monkey

This 20” Schylling retro sock monkey is a classic amongs sock monkey toys, recxeiving over 50 positive reviews.

Sample Amazon Quotes:

“I recently sent one to a friend's child as a birthday gift, and it's been a huge hit. I've since ordered more than twenty others as gifts.”

“Genuine, old-fashioned sock monkey! It is cute and cuddly, and like your favorite jeans, makes you feel good.”



Folkmanis Puppet

Folkmanis Plush Monkey Puppet


We're NOT monkeying around! This most awesome of monkey stuffed animals gets nearly as many raving reviews as he is inches long: 23 inches!

Puppetry e ncourages use of the magination, as this Amazon review excerpt illustrates:

“[My 5 year old grand daughter] does glitz pageants and when she is getting dressed, Sammie [the monkey] must turn his head.

“Then she takes it downstairs to the pageant and lets all the other girls play with him. He loves it. I have had many parents asked where I got it, they had to have one.”



Gund Baby 24" Pippy Monkey Blanket

Gund ComfyCozy Pippy Monkey Blanket

Soft plush monkey that doubles as toy and blanket. Full satin underside. Baby safe embroidered features. Machine washable. A crib-full of great reviews.


More Cute Monkey Stuffed Animals


Ty Beanie Babies Boots Dora's Monkey

Ty Beanie Baby Boots
(Dora's Monkey)

Ty Beanie Boos Coconut Monkey

Ty Beanie Boos - Coconut


Curious George Stuffed Plush Animal Toy

Curious George Plush

My Pillow Pets monkey Stuffed Animal

My Pillow Pets


MiYimOrganic Fred the Monkey Plush

miYim Organic
9” Baby Fred

MiYim Organic 11" Fred the Monkey

Miyim Organic
11" Fred The Monkey


Manhattan Toy Peek-Squeak Monkey

Manhattan Toy Peak-Squeak Monkey Toy


Nice reviews for one of the more uniquet monkey stuffed animals for babies.

Features bead ring, a hidden mirror, crinkle paper, squeaker and magnetic banana.

Encourage a child's development of fine motor and sensory skills.

Velcrox loop attaches easily to most strollers and high chairs.

For ages 9+ months.


Alex Toys “Learn to Dress” Monkey

Alex Toys Learn to Dress Stuffed Monkey


Highly rated educational toy!

Bright colors. Variety of textures.

Kids learn to snap on straps, button, hook and loop, zipper and more

18 months - 4 years

Wow! 25 Amazon Reviews!


Webkinz Plush Love Monkey

This Webkinz plush monkey makes a great Valentine’s gift, but it’s more than that. It makes an ideal gift any time you want to shower someone with love.

Do bubblegum pink monkey stuffed animals really exist? Yes, and with red and purple hearts to boot!

Love Monkey is made for holding and cuddling. But it’s also a safe way for kids to engage with the internet at the Webkinz site.

Comes with factory sealed tag for entrance to Webkinz web site.

Note: This toy monkey poses a choking hazard for kids under 3. Recommended ages are 3 – 18.

Typical Amazon Quotes:

“This is one of the sweetest webkinz, the only one that would have been cute enough to buy without the code.”

“Enteraining and safe web fun with a sweet little creature.”

“Very Cute and kids love them. Not too big and not too small.”

“It is a huggable toy that [my daughter] takes to bed with her every night.”


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