Oversized Stuffed Animals

These awesome oversized stuffed animals are not only delightfully large and plush—they're also well-made and durable!

What's more, most are eligible for FREE SHIPPING when you buy through Amazon, making for oversized savings!


Melissa & Doug Tiger Plush

Melissa & Doug large tiger stuffed animal


This realistic 36” stuffed tiger by Melissa & Doug is awesome!

Typical Amazon Review:

“This huge plush tiger is the perfect gift for my grand daughter. It has a beautiful face and it is so soft. I know that she will be using it for a pillow when watching t.v. I love the vibrant color too. Just what we were looking for.”



Melissa & Doug Giraffe

Melissa & Doug Large Stuffed Giraffe




This Melissa Doug giraffe might be the grandaddy of all oversized stuffed animals!

57 inches tall, realistic, and cuddly to boot, it receives an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews among Amazon customers!



Giant Plush Sea Turtle

Melissa & Doug Giant Stuffed Plush Sea Turtle


This 26” giant stuffed sea turtle by Melissa & Doug is almost as large as the real thing!

Constructed over a durable but flexible wire frame, it is premium plush on the outside.



Aurora's Gentle Giant

Aurora "Gentle Giant" Oversized Stuffed Bear

Aurora's 39” "Gentle Giant" is one big plush bear!

Forget the photo and listen to the praise for this stuffed bear:

“The picture of this bear does not do it justice. I brought this gift to a new mother at a baby shower and it was the "hit" gift. Everyone wanted to touch it, and loved it instantly. It is so soft. Children grow quickly and this bear stays a favorite of theirs for years.”


More Oversized Stuffed Animals


Oversized Dolphin Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Oversized Plush Stuffed Dolphin Toy


Swim with this large, lifelike 38” Melissa & Doug dolphin!

Here's one of just many enthusiastic Amazon customer comments:

“I got this for my daughter for a gift...I know she will love it! It's huge and cool! ...Perfect for anyone who loves dolphins! ...fast shipping too :)”



Jumbo Cuddly Pink Teddy Bear

Melissa & Doug large plush pink teddy bear



For those that prefer their humongous plush plump bears in pink, here's a winner!

This plump Melissa & Doug cuddle buddy sits nearly two feet tall!



Cuddlekins Large Black Bear

Cuddlekins Large Plush Black Bear


Cuddlekins 30” stuffed black bear is one of the soft and cuddliest plush toys available!

Amazon Customer Comment:

“This bear looked a bit fearsome in the photo, but in real life, he's quite huggable. To those folks concerned about the stiffness of his claws, I don't think it's an issue, but try putting different colored socks on his feet. Could make him even cuter!”



Giant Stuffed Octupus

Large Fiesta Octopus Stuffed Animal

This giant 36” stuffed octopus by Fiesta makes an awesome cuddle buddy!

Typical Amazon Review:

“I love this octopus! The arms are so curly and fun to play with. I don't know a lot about octopus anatomy but he definitely seems pretty realistic and he's really big and good to use as a pillow.”





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