Plush Animal Slippers

Plush animal slippers are comfy, cozy, and fun for both kids and adults. We've got lots of women's house slippers, including bunny, Hello Kitty, novelty and monster feet slippers.


Deglingos Infant Wolf Shoes

Deglingos plush wolf animal infant shoes


Looking for a truly different baby gift. Deglingos infant slippers are unique, adjustable, and cuter than a photo can convey!

Along with BigBos the Wolf, these Deglingos plush animal slippers are also available: Lapinos The Bunny, Milkos the Cow, and Ronronos The Cat.

Come with jute gift bag.




Fuzzy Feet—Frog

Aroma Home Fuzzy Feet Frog Slippers



These one-size-fits-most-feet animal slippers get nice Amazon reviews, like this one:

“These slippers are so cute and more importanly very comfortable. They stay on your feet and aren't slippery on the bottom. Great for hanging around the house and running to the mailbox!”



Fuzzy Feet—Lamb

Aroma Home Plush Lamb Animal Slippers



Another cute concept to warm your tootsies!



Sesame Street Elmo Slippers

Sesame Street Elmo Plush Slippers


These cute Elmo slipper puppets are designed to stay on small children's feet. They get lots of nice reviews like this one:

“Great price. My son loves them. Will buy the cookie monster ones when he grows out of his elmos. Happy customer.”



“Fun for Feet” Monkey Booties

Aroma Home Plush Ankle-High Monkey Animal Slippers



These really warm monkey plush animal slippers are also great fun.

They have manmade soles and are available as other animals like mouse and pig.



Aroma Home Pink Plush Animal Slippers


Aroma Home Ladybug Animal Slippers





Bees Feet

Aroma Home Plush Bumble Bee Slippers



These Aroma bumble bee slippers are just plain CUTE.

Read why this customer finds them adorable.



Bunny Foot Comforters

Classic pink and white adult bunny animal slippers


Classic adult white and pink bunny slippers with posable ears, button eyes, and a fluffy tail.

Customers give thse cuties outstanding reviews, commenting that they keep your feet warm but not sweaty.

The fluffy little bunny tails helps them stay on your feet.

These classic favorites also come in kids sizes and extra large.



Hello Kitty Women's Booties

Hello Kitty Super Plush Womens Animal Slippers



These Hello Kitty plush animal slippers are super comfortable...if you size them right.

These mostly great reviews provide lots of hints about choosing the right size.



Hello Kitty Womens House Slip-On’s

Hello Kitty plush slip-on animal slippers

These Hello Kitty ladies house slippers are extremely soft and comfortable.

And, as these happy customers will tell you, the picture doesn't do them justice. They're actually quite CUTE!



Aromatherapy Herbal Heatable Polar Bear Booties

Aroma Home Herbal Heatable Polar Bear Slippers with microwavable, removable insoles.

Polar bear slippers with removable, microwaveable insoles filled with aroma-therapeutic natural lavender and flax seed.

Ideal for people with cold feet!

Amazon Review Excerpt:

“I love these adorable polar bear slippers. I have cold feet a lot and these are wonderful...They keep my feet nice and warm!”



Womens Monster Feet

Womens White Plush Monster Feet Slippers



Womens medium plush monster feet slippers.

Abominable snowman look, right?

Maybe or maybe not—but obviously warm, furry and delightfully fluffy.



Toy Vault Godzilla Feet

Godzilla Feet Plush Animal Slippers

BIG monster feet, BIG price, BIG REVIEWS!

Measure 5.50" tall by 9.50" wide by 13.50" long. Best fit men's sizes 8 - 12.

Typical Amazon Review:

“These Godzilla Plush Slippers are top notch! I've had them for quite a while now. They are very comfortable and very well made. The material is very soft and cozy. Overall an excellent choice of footwear to keep your feet warm and make them look fearsomely cool! Godzilla would be proud!”



Animal Slipper Keychains - Dozen

Animal Slipper Kyechains - one Dozen


For the mini-slipper enthusiast!

12 plush animal keychains - Bunny, Donkey, Lamb, Frog, Monkey, Duck, Pig, Hippo, Horse, Tiger, and 2 styles of Dogs.

Attach to keys, backpacks, purses—anything begging for a little pizzazz!



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