Plush Crab Toy

Which plush crab toy would you like to get your claws on? You'll find a variety here, as well as some tough stuffed crab dog toys!

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Buster Blue Crab

Douglas Cuddle Toys blue crab stuffed toy



Plush Buster blue crab by Douglas Cuddle Toys measures 9” x 5."

It's made of soft, colorful kohair material!



Hermit Crab Puppet

Folkmanis plush hermit crab puppet


This Folkmanis plush hermit crab puppet lets you fit your fingers into the crab's legs to move them into and out of the shell.

Puppet measures 13 x 11 x 9 inches and is great for teaching or imaginitive play!



Plush Horseshoe Crab

Douglas Stuffed Plush Horseshoe Crab


This plush 7” horseshoe crab captures the primeval nature of this wonderfully mysterious sea creature!

What's more, it's made by Douglas Cuddle Toys, a premier designer of stuffed animals!



Mr. Krabs - Spongebob Squarepants

Ty Beanie Babies Mr. Krab - Spongebob Squarepants.


Ty Beanie Babies cute Mr. Krabs - Spongebob Squarepants stands 6” tall.

Typical Amazon Review:

“This Mr. Krabs is very chubby and lovable. You can hold him up by sticking your fingers in his claws, too..very cute.”



Disney Club Crab Klutzy

Disney Club Crab Series 11 Klutzy plush stuffed crab


Meet Disney Club Crab Series 11 Klutzy!

Klutzy, the stuffed plush crab, measures about 6” and comes with a gold coin!



Plush Henry Hermit Crab

Douglas Cuddle Toys Plush Hermit Crab Toy


Henry Hermit Crab by Douglas Cuddle toys measures 5” with his sparkle shell!

Henry comes out of his shell, as the following Amazon customer points out:

“This is a darling plush toy and the perfect addition to my classroom. The hermit crab is secured with velco so he can move in and out of his home. The picture doesn't do the hermit crab justice - he is much cuter!”


Crab Dog Toys

Stuffed crab toys are as popular with dogs as they are with people. Here are a couple of the more unusual crab toys for dogs.


Tuffy's King Crab Dog Toy

Tuffy's Soft Shell King Crab Plush Dog Toy


Tuffy's 13” x 13” King Crab dog toy is soft and plush on the outside, but reinforced with industrial grade luggage material on the inside!

Designed for tugging and retreiving, not chewing. Contains 2 squeakers!



Grinning Crab Dog Toy

Plushables Stuffed Crab Dog Toy



This 8 inch stuffed crab dog toy by Plushables is not only cool—it's also machine washable!

And those devilish eyes are not something your dog's going to swallow—they're plush!



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