Plush Deer Toys

Welcome to our plush deer grazing ground—please proceed quietly. Should you spot the perfect stuffed toy prize, go for it...that is, buy it!



Aurora Farrah Fawn

Aurora Plush Deer Toy



This Aurora 12” flopsie deer toy has eyes that seem to say, “Hug me!”

Customers can't help but fawn over this cutie.


Melissa & Doug Stuffed Deer

Melissa & Doug Stuffed Plush Deer




This majestic looking Melissa & Doug plush deer stands 26” tall.

Here's a sample Amazon review:

“I expect this will be my daughter's favorite gift on Christmas morning - it is gorgeous, lifelike in color/form and the antlers can be positioned any which way. Very happy we bought this!!!”


Webkinz Signature Deer

Webkinz Signature Stuffed Plush Deer Toy




Cuddle this cute Webkinz stuffed deer, or play with its counterpart in the online World of Webkinz.

Soft, nicely detailed, and popular.

10.5 x 5 x 7.5 inches.


Folkmanis Fawn Puppet

Folkmanis plush fawn puppet




This adorable 13” Folkmanis fawn puppet looks like a newborn struggling to take its first steps.

Movable head and front legs.

Folkmanis is an award-winning maker of puppets.


Cuddlekin White Tail

Cuddlekin 12-Inch White Tailed Plush Deer





This super soft 12” Cuddlekin stuffed deer by Wild Republic is understuffed for great cuddling.

Appropriate for deer lovers of all ages.


Fawn Finger Puppet

Folkmanis plush fawn finger puppet

How cute is this 6” Folkmanis fawn finger puppet!

As this teacher points out, puppets are more than lovable toys—they also encourage self-expression:

“as a teacher of young children i found these products to be exceptional. they allow shy children to enhance their verbal skills,”


Ugly Doll Deer

Ugly Doll Plush Deer



Yes, this 12” Ugly Doll is a deer!

Ugly Dolls were a 2006 Parent Choice winner and Toy of the Year winner. Here's why:

“Everyone in our family owns an Ugly and this is our latest addition. Wonderful soft fleece and fantastic orange color, already very "deer" to us!”


Sugar Lift Reindeer

Douglas Sugar Lift Plush Deer




Wow! What a delightful, colorful and unusual deer toy by Douglas Cuddle Toys.

This 8” stuffed toy—obviously created for the holidays—is one of the most unusual designs I've seen in a while!


Golf Club Headcover

Daphne Soft Plush Deer Golf Club Headcover




This Daphne 460cc headcover makes an ideal gift for a golfer.

Daphne headcovers are fully lined and elasticized for a secure fit.

Used by numerous pro golfers & guaranteed for life.


Plush Animal Rug

Plush Deer Animal Rug


This 38” x 33” plush deer rug makes a lovable addition to the right room.

Non-skid backing.

Ages: 3 +


Dempsey Deer by Aurora

Aurora Plush Deer Dempsy





12” Dempsey plush deer by Aurora.

Aurora is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality stuffed animals.

Ages: 3 +


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