Hey! It's Plush Groundhog Day!

Choose a great plush groundhog toy to cast a happy shadow in your child's bedroom. Will the perfect stuffed groundhog toy please stick its nose out!.

We've dug holes all over Amazon.com, looking for the best stuffed groundhogs. Here are our winners!

#1 Folkmanis Groundhog Puppet

Folkmanis Stuffed Plush Groundhog Puppet


My top groundhog value pick isn't a mere stuffed toy—it's this Folkmanis 12” plush puppet!

A puppet's great for both playing and teaching...and fooling around!

Can't you just see this bucked-toothed fellow rising up from under the covers, going after your child's toe?

Forget this fuzzy picture—check out the great things people have to say about this high-quality puppet!



#2 Fiesta Stuffed Groundhog

Fiesta 8 inch plush groundhog


This cute 8” plush groundhog wins cudos for being both soft and realistically detailed.

Typical Amazon comment:

“Realistic groundhog but very soft and cute. It was a gift, the person who received it was not disappointed and loves it! :)”



#3 Baby Groundhog (Marmot)

Hansa Plush Stuffed Groundhog Toy

This 9“ plush baby groundhog by Hansa sounds like a hand-crafted gem!

If you're willing to pay a little more, here's what what you'll get:

“I bought this baby groundhog stuffed animal as a gift. I was very pleased when it arrived, as the detailing is fantastic. The groundhog's belly fur is a slightly different texture from the rest of its fur (very soft!), and its eyes and nose are well differentiated from the rest of its face. It also has a well-defined muzzle and paws for extra cuteness. This is a seriously cute, pretty realistic, and excellent quality stuffed animal. Would make a great gift for a child or an adult collector of dolls and stuffed animals. ”



#4 Mr G Groundhog

Douglas Mr. G: Plush Stuffed Groundhog




Let's face it, this 6” stuffed groundhog by Douglas is mighty cute...

...and priced just right!



#5 Webkinz Groundhog

Webkinz Plush Groundhog Toy




If your child is a Webkinz fan, this cute plush groundhog pleases!

You could fill a bunch of groundhog holes with these enthusiastic comments from Webkins fans.



#6 Ty Punxatawny Phil

Ty Beanie Babies Plush Groundhog




This Ty Beanie Babies plush groundhog is here for one reason: Beanie babies rarely disappoint!

In my experience, they're amost always cute as heck...and durable as anything!


Truth is, there aren't as many stuffed groundhog toys being made as there are bears, dogs, cats, and most other animals. So here are a few animals that we feel are related—even if they're not really.


Webkinz Hedgehog

Webkinz Stuffed Plush Hedgehog


Hedgehogs are not native to America and are not related to groundhogs...

...but boy is this little guy cute!

Sample Amazon review:

“Our 10-year old son is a cuddly fanatic whose collection boasts of bats, Ugly Ghosts, flying squirrels & lots of monkeys. "Hedgie" is a great addition for those "big" little boys at the in-between ages.”



Douglas Plush Hanster

Douglas Plush Hamster Toy

You weren't looking for a stuffed hamster, but check out the great things people have to say about this little guy:

“Loved the little critter. He is so cute and the price is right too. My granddaughter loves him.”

“My daughter LOVES this stuffed hamster...She can basically take this one anywhere and everywhere. AND SHE DOES!! =)”

“This little guy is just about life size for a real golden hamster. Fairly realistic looking too.”



Aurora Hamster & Carrier

Aurora Plush Hamster and Pet Carrier

While we're talking hamsters, check out this cute hamster & carrier combo from Aurora.

Typical Amazon review comments:

“I bought this item because I like the carrier and the price was well worth that alone. The hamster that came with it was a "bonus" treat and was well made.”

“For the price, I was expecting something a lot more flimsy but both the carrier and the hamster are well made and look to be durable. Not sorry I got it.”



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