Plush Hyena Territory
( Proceed Quietly to Spot Wild Hyena Toys! )

Welcome to the plush hyena den. Why scavenge the web, when you can find the savanna's most loveable stuffed hyena toys right here!

Aurora Mini Flopsie

Aurora 8 inch plush hyena mini flopsie


This cuddly 8” hyena plush toy is part of Aurora's Mini Flopsie collection.

Mini Flopsies are super soft bean filled toys.The berans are double-bagged for safety.


Plush Sitting Hyena

Leosco Plush Hyena - 9 Inches.





Cute 9 ” sitting hyena plush toy by Leosco.

Also available in 13 inch size.


Disney's Lion King: Banzai

Disney Lion King plush hyena bean bag banzai 8 inch toy



Here's Banzai, the hyena, from the Disney movie, the Lion King.

8 inches long with embroidered eyes.

Ages: 3+


Disney's Set of 3 Lion King Hyena Toys:
Banzai, Ed and Shenzi

Disney Lion King Set of 3 Plush Hyena Toys: Banzai, Ed, and Shenzi


Set of 3 Disney Lion King hyena stuffed toys: Banzai, Ed, and Shenzi.

This set of retired Disney beanies is a collectors item.

Ages: 3+


Hyena Stuffed Toy

Plush Hyena 13"

If you like the picture, you'll like this stuffed hyena!

Soft and squeezable plush toy—surface washable.

Amazon Review:

The hyena is beautifully made and the children in my class love it. Our class name is hyenas and so educationally it has gone towards their understanding of some of the traits of the animal's appearance.


Walking Hyena

Hansa Plush Hyena 13"

This high-end hyena—13” long and 10” high—is part of Hansa's Safari Collection of stuffed toys.

Hansa products are extremely realistic artisan products, and often used by interior designers when replicating wildlife habitats.

The average Hansa stuffed animal is created from 42 separate pieces of fabric.


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