Plush Lobster

Find the perfect plush lobster toy for the lobster-lover in your life. Many of these stuffed lobsters are baby-safe and machine washable!

Looking to save money? Get FREE SHIPPING from Amazon by bundling an eligible toy from this page with another stuffed marine animal, children's book, game, or any other eligible item to meet Amazon's minimum purchase requirements for free shipping!


Mary Meyer Larry Lobster

Mary Meyer Flip Flops Larry the Plush Lobster




Mary Meyer Flip Flops Larry Lobster is safe for children 1 month and up!

Flip Flops are an Oppenheim Gold Award Winner!



Pizzazz Plush Dazey Lobster

Mary Meyer Print Pizzazz 17-inch plush lobster


This Mary Meyer 17” Dazey Lobster is made with soft printed velour fabric.

Baby-safe, machine washable!

Mary Meyer takes an environmentally consious approach to producing high-quality toys!



Fiesta Stuffed Lobster Toy

Fiesta stuffed plush 13-inch red lobster toy



This red stuffed lobster toy by Fiesta measures about 13 inches.

NOTE: You get one plush lobster, not two.


Deglingos—Molos The Lobster

Delglingos Molos the Plush Lobster


You'll pay more for Molos the plush lobster, but if you want a unique and memorable gift, this is it!

French-designed Delglingos are made from 48 different kinds of string and fabric, providing unique visual and tactile stimuli.

What's more , they're baby-safe and machine washable!



Deglingos Lobster Baby Blankie

Delglingos Molos the plush lobster baby blankie

Yes, a Molos the Lobster Baby Blankie!

Sample Amazon reviews:

“This is my baby's absolute love!! He loves to chew on his nose and everyone always asks where we got it because it's quite unsusual. When it gets too drooly we just throw it in the laundry. A great baby gift!”

“Very adorable, unique, and softer than you could imagine. Perfect baby gift! Only Issue: The term "blankie" is deceiving, as it is small, and looks more like a deflated stuffed animal, not "blankie" size. Highly recommend this purchase.”



Folkmanis Lobster Puppet

Folkmanis plush lobster puppet



Folkmanis makes award-winning puppets!

This 14 inch puppet has movable front claws and mouth.



Lobster Dog Toys


Tuffy's Larry Lobster Dog Toy

Tuffy's Larry Lobster Plush Dog Toy



Tuffy's Larry Lobster stuffed dog toy may not be perfect, but it's popular and tougher than most!

15” x 10” x 4,” Machine washable, fluff dry.



Colossal Lobster Dog Toy

Colossal plush lobster dog toy


I love the legs on this Colossal 19” plush lobster dog toy!

Get one customer's detailed report on this neat toy.




Tuggernauts plush lobster dog tuggin toy


This Tuggernauts lobster dog tugging toy has a rope that runs all the way through it.

Less stuffing, more strength!


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