Plush Manatee

Swim with a beautiful plush manatee. These delightful stuffed manatees bring smiles to the faces of both children and adults!

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Seaworld Stuffed Manatee

Seaworld Stuffed Plush Manatee


Here's an authentic 19” Seawrold plush manatee!

These reviews describe this quality product in detail.



Webkinz Large Manatee Hm-229

Webkinz Plush Manatee Toy


This cuddly 10” Webkinz stuffed manatee was a 2008 release.

Comes with access to Webkinz' fun and educational online world.

Amazon Customer Comment:

“This toy is so cute! I LOVE it!! The manatee is so soft and is perfect for cuddling. The underwater rooms are very neat on Webkinz World. This is an awesome addition to any webkinz family!”



I was sitting on a dock in Florida, my feet dangling over the edge, when a huge creature surfaced a few feet from me. It stared at me curiously for a minute, then sank back out of sight into the water. I sensed no danger and remained where I was. A minute later it silently surfaced again and surveyed me. This went on for three or four minutes until this wonderful creature—which I only later realized was a manatee—finally swam away.


Manatee Baby and Mom

Wishpets Plush Manatee Baby and Mother Manatee

Wishpets 17” manatee and 8” baby are soft, cuddly, and educational!

They've made a real splash with Amazon customers like this one:

“The manatee plush is very cute. It's soft and squishy but fluffs up easily. I definitely liked that the baby manatee was made of a different fabric. My friend loved it!”


Bright Eyes Manatee

Petting Zoo Bright Eyes Plush Manatee


Petting Zoo's 8” manatee stuffed toy is looking for a hug, as this Amazon customer notes:.

“Very cute. Can't help but make you sad in a happy way. Buy him (ours is named Norman) and you'll understand. Very cute. Can't help but make you sad in a happy way. Buy him (ours is named Norman) and you'll understand. ”



Manatee Hand Puppet

Fiesta Plush Manatee Puppet




This cute Fiesta Manatee hand puppet is about 8 inches long.



TY Beanie Baby - MANNY the Manatee

Ty Beanie Babies Manny the Plush Manatee


Manny the Manatee is one cute Beanie Baby!

Amazon Review:

“A great toy, a wonderful collector item and a warm addition to any home”



Wild Republic “Hug Ems” Manatee

Wild Republic "Hug Ems" Plush Manatee



This “Hug Ems” stuffed manatee is absolutely adorable...

Wild Republic makes some of the neatest, best quality stuffed animals you'll find anywhere!



Sunsout Manatees Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1000 piece manatee puzzle goes great with a plush manatee toy


If you know an older child who's fascinated by manatees, this beautiful 1000 piece puzzle makes an excellent gift!

High-gloss artwork includes images of the ocean, manatee habitat, and other sea animals.



Swim with our plush dolphin and stuffed whale toys!


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