Plush Stingray

These adorable plush stingray toys are educational and fun to cuddle!

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Aurora Sting Ray

Aurora plush stingray toy


This cuddly plush stingray measures 12 inches from nose to tip of tail.

It's manufactured by Aurora, a leqading manufacturer of stuffed animals!



Flash Stingray Stuffed Toy

Douglas stuffed stingray toy

This Flash Stingray by Douglas Cuddle toys measures 19” from nose to tip of tail.

It's constructed of soft, shimmery kohair material—black on top, silver underneath— to reflect the irridescence of the sea!



Wishpets Sting Ray

Wishpets plush stingray pet

My 15-year-old daughter owns this 12” Wishpets stuffed stingray and adores it!

It's extremely soft and cuddly—gary on top, white on the bottom— and well-made!

Those hypnotic plastic eyes make it appropriate for ages 3+.


Stingray Plush Backpack

Plush Stingray Backpack for kids


This adorable 20” stingray backpack is designed with the older preschooler or younger elementary student in mind.

The 6” x 8” inner pocket won't hold alot, but it's great for a tote to grandma's!



Fiesta Stuffed Sting Ray

Colorful Fiesta Stuffed Plush Stingray


Wow! This color swirl stuffed stingray by Fiesta may not be realistic, but it sure is full of color!

Measures 18 inches overall.



Bright Eyes Stingray with Baby

Petting Zoo Birght Eyes Plush Stingray and Baby



This 12” stingray mom and baby combo is part of Petting Zoo's “Bright Eyes” collection!

Colors—pink, blue, and green—may vary.



Wavey Spotted Eagle Ray

Spotted Eagle Ray Plush Toy


This Douglas spotted eagle ray plush toy is 16.5 inches long.

Eagle rays are native to the western Atlantic and love to roam coram reefs!



Did you know that stingrays are related to sharks?
Glide over to our Plush Shark page.


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