Polar Bear Webkinz
Webkinz Polar Bear Stuffed Animals

Polar bear Webkinz is among the most popular of all Webkinz animals. Choose a Webkinz polar bear to cuddle with while playing online with its avatar.

Webkinz Polar Bear

Webkinz Polar Bear

Of all Webkins stuffed animals, the polar bear might well be the softest, most cuddly, and best loved.

Typical Amazon Review:

“I have three granddaughters ages 3 5 & 7 and they are actually fighting over this Polar Bear. It is absolutely adorable and well worth the price thru Amazon.com. Get it!!”

Lil'Kinz Bear

Webkinz Lil'Kinz Stuffed Plush Polar Bear

Lil Kinz are smaller versions of Webkins animals that many kids love.

Special Item: Arctic Window
Special Food: Frozen Iceberg Chili

Typical Amazon Review:

“I bought this polar bear for my grandson and he loves it!! It is very cute and cuddly.”



Endangered Signature Bear

Webkinz Signature Endangered Polar Bear Stuffed Plush Animal



7 x 10.5 x 7 inches.

Looks like the real thing, right?





Polar Bear Charm

Webkinz Polar Bear Charm

Allows entrance to the Magical Charm Forest on Webkins World! Hooks easily to a charm bracelet.

Some reviewers claim you'll send less elsewhere. Depends on how much shopping you want to do.

Amazon Review:

“Grandchildren love the charms. Nice addition for childrens jewelry and a conversation piece for them and their friends”



Pet Of The Month - December 2010

Webkinz Polar Bear Pet of Month December 2010



Comes with Free 20-Pack Of Licensed “ANIMAL PLANET FISH” Kids Wrist Bands Shaped As Aquatic Fish!



Waddle over to our Stuffed Polar Bear den

(View our baby-safe polar bears, polar bear puppets, and more.)


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