Realistic Stuffed Animals A - L
Adorable Life-like Plush Toys

These realistic stuffed animals are so lifelike that on first encounter many people mistake them for the real thing!

Alligator Hand Puppet

Folkmanis stuffed alligator puppet


This plush 24” Alligator puppet by Folkmanis is a handful.

It has a movable mouth, rides your arm, and wiggles when you move your arm.




Fiesta Armadillo stuffed animal



This plush Armadillo by Fiesta measures 19 inches from nose to tail.



These life-like creations often cost more than less realistic plush toys because of the extra care taken to produce an accurate replicas.


Cat — Calico

Douglas realistic Calico Cat plush toy



Douglas' Calico Cat plush toy is realistically styled and nearly lifesize.

It's fur is soft and fluffy. Many people call it the purr-fect choice for a life-like kitty.




Folkmanis plush Chameleon hand puppet

This folkmanis Chameleon puppet has a movable mouth, tongue, and eyes.

Amazon Review:

“This puppet is beautifully made. The fabric shimmers mimicking the color changing of a real chameleon. But the best feature is the moveable eye design. My grandson loves it!”



Coyote Hand Puppet

Folkmanis plush Coyote hand puppet



Folkmanis' Coyote hand puppet is soft and pettable. It has a movable mouth, making it easy to howl.

Stands 15 inches tall.



Crocodile — Saltwater

Stuffed Crocodile toys by Wild Republic



Soft but durable, this stuffed Saltwater Crocodile by Wild Republic makes for some great wrestling!

Yet More Realistic Stuffed animals



Gund Dog Dreyfus stuffed Toy



Gund's Dreyfus is a life-like shaggy white dog that has won lots of hearts.

To see more realistic stuffed dogs, visit my dogs by breed page.




Melissa & Doug Lifelike stuffed dolphin


This 38 inch Melissa & Doug stuffed dolphin isn't totally realistic—apparently it's missing a blow hole.

But it nonetheless gets awesome reviews for being well-made, soft, and cuddly and lifelike!

See more




Hansa plush Echidna or Spiny Anteater



This Echidna, by Hansa, is one of the more exotic plush animals you'll ever find.

Echidnas—also known as Spiny Anteaters—are native to Australia and New Guinea and are among the few egg-laying mammals.



Hansa Baby Emu Plush

This 14 inch plush Baby Emu by Hansa is lifelike and adorable.



Australian Emus grow to a height of 6 feet, making them the second tallest standing bird.

This adorable Baby Emu by Hansa stands 14 proud inches tall.

If you have the space for it, Hansa also makes an amazing life size emu.




Hansa white ermine plush stuffed animal



This plush ermine—a form of weasel—is wearing it's winter coat.

North American ermines shed their brown upper coats in winter, leaving them pure white except for the tips of their tails.




Lifelike stuffet by Hansa


This 12 inch plush ferret by Hansa echoes the real thing.

The perfect solution in your family if someone wants a ferret...and you don't.

As one customer mentioned, in the end it's far less expensive than a live ferret.




Hansa lifelike stuffed red fox


This red fox by Hansa stands out as being extremely well-made.

I especially love the soft tufts of hair on the chest and cheeks, as well as the beautiful, bushy tail.




Plush goat puppet by Folkmanis





This lifelike goat puppet measures 19 inches long by 12 inches high.





Aurora 48 Inch Stuffed Gorilla



Aurora calls its 48 inch plush Gorilla, Gunga, the Gentle Giant.

Gunga elicits a bunch of impressive 5-star reviews from Amazon customers!



Guinea Pig

Hansa lifelikie 8 inch guinea pig


Hansa's hand-crafted guinea pig is so lifelike that it sometimes fools even its owners!

Hansa also makes a Black & White guinea pig.





Plush stuffed iguana by Fiesta Toys


This 23” plush Iguana by Fiesta Toys gets nice Amazon reviews like this one:

“This item was better looking and softer, more cuddly than I had expected, yet it still held true to looking very much like an iguana. A++ Very happy with item.”



Jack Rabbit

Lifelike stuffed black tail jack rabbit by Hansa



This scruffy but lovable plush blacktail rabbit looks like the real thing.

Hand-crafted by Hansa artisans, its interior wire frame makes it poseable.


Kiwi Bird

Hansa's realistic plush Kiwi Bird



This cute plush Kiwi Bird is handmade by Hansa artisans with great attention to detail.

Kiwis are native to New Zealand, and a few species are endangered.




This Aurora plush lamb is very lifelike and realistic





This soft, plush 18 inch lamb is more lifelike than most.





Melissa & Doug Stuffed lion



This 75 inch plush lion by Melissa & Doug is magnificent and one of the most realistic stuffed animals around!Melissa & Doug lion lying



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