Robot Dog Toy

A robot dog toy is the next best thing to a real dog for many children. And, hey, dogs get into talking dog toys, too! So we've included a couple toys for dogs.

A number of these toys are eligible for FREE SHIPPING thru Amazon, so take advatage where you can!


LOL Rollover Dog Toy

Laugh out loud talking robot dog toy

Clap your hands and this talking robot dog toy starts laughing and rolling around on the floor!

Infectious! per these Amazon customers:

“We received this toy from a co-worker and I went online and bought 5 of them for family. It's a hoot!”

“This is the cutest toy - actually, I wanted to keep it instead of send it to my 8 year old grandson. But he LOVES it.”



LOL Rollover Labrador Dog Toy

LOL Rollover Labrador Talking Robot Dog Toy

This Laugh Out Loud labrador talking dog toy also gets nice Amazon reviews:

“I think this is one of the funniest toys I have ever seen. When I saw it work the first time, I laughed so hard, I rolled on the floor beside the toy. It is a great conversation piece for parties. Thank you so much.”



Chi-Chi Chihuahua Talking Dog Toy

Chi Chi Chihuahua Talking Robot Dog Toy


Chi Chi Chihuahua nods its head, wags its tail, and walks. It's a really cute barking dog toy!

Chi Chi has won over quite a few Amazon customers like this one:

“My 3 yr old loves it. It's pretty cute, walks around and is simply adorable with the kitten. Couldn't find these anywhere in the stores and the price is great.”


GoGo—My Walkin' Pup!

Fur Real Go Go, My Walkin' Pup, robot dog toy


Use the remote control to take this cute Fur Real robotic dog for a walk.

My Walkin' Pup also barks and wags his tail!

GoGo is very popular, but check the mixed reviews before taking the walk!



Wow Wee Alive Husky Pup

WOW WEE Alive Husky Pup Robot Dog Toy


This Wow Wee 13” husky pup is one of the more popular talking dog toys!

The mechanics are a bit loud, but the pup is surprisingly soft.

This robot pup makes lovable baby animal sounds when you activate its sensors by petting it. It also moves it mouth and blinks its eyes.



Hasbro i-Dog

Hasbor i-dog music loving canine robot toy

The Hasbro i-dog is a music loving robotic machine!

Plug most portable musical devices into it and it puts on a show with its colorful flashing lights, movements and suonds!

Here are more than 140 customer comments to give you a real feel for i-dog!



Toys for Dogs


Robot Plush Dog Toy

Plush Robot Dog Toy for Dogs



This cute 7 inch robot dog toy is the real thing!

Double stitched with embroidered details and squeaker!


Multipet Talking Dog Toy

Multipet "Look Who's Talking" dog toy for dogs

Multipet's “Look Who's Talking” dog toy is for the dogs!

Instead of squeaking, it barks and pants!

Sample Amazon Review:

“I personally don't think the dog is that cute but my Akita puppy loves it and even takes it out for her morning walk. I would definitely buy another one when this one dies........”



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