Rocket USA Stitch Kittens

Rocket USA Stitch Kittens are the creations of artist, Gus Fink. They are not only unique, lovable toys, but also potentially valuable collectible plush art.

Each offbeat, but cuddly kitten comes with a mini comix, a poster, a collectable art card and a checklist. Collect them all.


Stitch Kitten—Patches

Rocket USA Stitch Kitten Patches



Stitch Kitten, Patches, looks like he's gone through a lot and can use some love.

Patches measures 6 X 4 X 6 inches.




Rocket USA Stitch Kittens are able to stand on their own. They have pose-able arms, ears, and tails, allowing owners to take an active part in the art.



Rocket USA 's Blurp

Rocket USA Stitch Kittens: Blurp



Stitch Kitten, Blurp, has a great name...not to mention a great expression!

It's fun to try to classify Blurp's expression. I'd call it frustration (making it a great gift for the right person).



It's obvious that Stitch Kittens make great gifts for both kids and adults. In fact, it might take an adult to fully appreciate them.



Rocket Stitch Kitten—Ava

Rocket USA's Stitch Kitten, Ava, is a real glamour girl





Wow! Stitch Kitten, Ava, is a real glamour girl...or, as one Amazon client put it, a "Cutie patootie!"



Amazon Customer Comment:

“We searched Colorado, Florida and New York for this line of dolls...rare find but worth finding. Too cute.”



Stitch Kitten—Xoom

Rocket USA Stitch Kitten Xoom stuffed toy




Rocket USA's Kitten, Xoom, the Superhero!



Nubbs from Rocket USA

Rocket USA Stitch Kitten Nubbs


Here's Rocket USA's kitten, Nubbs. Love the bandaid!

One Amazon customer's comment about Nubbs:

This toys is a gift, but it's so cute, I almost kept it!



Note Rocket USA Stitch Kitten NUbbs' pose-able-tail

Nubb's pose-able tail

Rocket USA Stitch Kitten Nubbs mini comix

Nubbs' Mini Comix


Stitch Kitten—Gimpy

Rocket USA's Stitch Kitten, Gimpy




Stitch Kitten, Gimpy, has quite a heart.

It's easy and fun to try to play matchmaker with Stitch Kittens.



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