Snoopy Stuffed Animal

Find the perfect Snoopy stuffed animal to cuddle and other delightful Peanuts plush toys!


Peanuts Snoopy Plush Toy

Peanuts Snoopy Plush Stuffed Toy Animal




Here's a cute and cuddly 6-inch Snoopy stuffed animal!



Snoopy, the world's most beloved beagle and one of Charles Schultz's most beloved cartoon characters, first appeared in the comic strip, Peanuts, in 1950.



Ty Pluffies Snoopy

Ty Pluffies Pink Snoopy stuffed animal




This cute 8” Ty Pluffies Snoopy is machine washable!

Also available in blue.




Baby Snoopy with Bunny Feet

Snoopy Stuffed Animal with Bunny Feet - Safe for Newborns



This plush Baby Snoopy toy comes with a grown up price tag, but it is classy and safe for newborns!

Makes a great shower gift! Just check out these rave reviews by Amazon customers!



Snoopy took on many roles over the years, but his most famous characterization was probably that of a World War I flying ace locked in imaginary combat with Germany's infamous Red Baron.



TY Beanie Babies Peanuts Set

Ty Beanie Babies Plush Set of Peanuts characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, & Woodstock



What Peanuts fan wouldn't get into this set of Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and Snoopy plush toys?

These quality 6-inch Beanie Babies make great collectors items!

P.S. They play the Peanuts theme song!



Snoopy Slippers

Snoopy Plush Slippers



These adorable plush Snoopy slippers are an oficially liscensed Peanuts product!



Joe Cool was another very popular Snoopy characterization by Charles Schultz. As Joe Cool, Snoopy spent most of his time leaning against a wall, wearing sunglasses and "being cool."



Techno Mistletoe Snoopy Plush

Hallmark "Gimme a Smooch" Mistletoe Stuffed Snoopy Toy




Hallmark's plush Joe Cool Snoopy captures the Christmas spirit.

Press a button and Mistletoe Snoopy makes smooching and giggling sounds!



Plush Snoopy with Heart

Snoopy Stuffed Plush Animal holding a red heart




This Snoopy plush toy makes a great baby shower or Valentine's Day gift!

12 inches tall.



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