Sonic Plush Toys and Characters
All Your Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

Find all your favorite Sonic plush toys and characters right here - Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy, Knuckles, Tails, and more! A number of these items are hard to find, but we've located them on Amazon.

Many are eligible for FREE SHIPPING from Amazon on orders over $25. So plan ahead! Buy for the next birthday, holiday or occasion as well—you'll save a bunch of money!


Sonic Collectiion of 5 Plush Dolls

Sonic Collection of 5 Plush Dolls


For the parents of young fans, this collection of five Sonic plush toys and characters—Sonic the Hedgehog X, Shadow, Amy, Knuckles, and Tails— is ultimately a money saver.

It gets high marks for both its impressive quality and its ability to delight kids!



Sonic the Hedgehog classic plush toy by GE  Animation

Sonic the Hedgehog



This 9” plush Sonic the Hedgehog doll by GE Animation is a colorful classic.

Sample Amazon Review:

“This stuffed sonic the hedge hog is adorable, lovable, and durable. My nephew loves his new toy!!!”



Sonic X - Knuckles Plush Toy

Sonic X—Knuckles




Kids and collectors of Sonic the Hedgehog characters all like Knuckles, Sonic's friend and sometimes rival.

This 8” stuffed doll by GE Animation makes the grade with both youngsters and adults!



Sonic Classic Knuckles Plush Toy by GE Animation

Sonic Classic Knuckles



This 9” classic Knuckles stuffed doll is another GE Animation winner!

Here's a typical Amazon review:

“The knuckles plush was in perfect condition, the plush is so amazing, im going to purchase the entire GE line of plushes!!”



Sonix X Shadow Plush Toy

Sonic X Shadow



Shadow is extremely popular with Sonic X fans, and this 9” plush toy by GE Animation doesn't disappoint.

This doll's superior workmanship and detail are evident in user comments like this one:

“This shadow is next to perfect! He is durable,soft, and looks accurate(unlike ToyNetwork's), this is an awesome buy for all you Shadow and Sonic X fans out there!”



Sonic characters: Classic Amy Plush Toy

Sonic Classic Amy





Sonic Classic 6” Amy Rose plush toy by GE Animation.

Just a couple customer comments, but they're good ones.



Sonic Classic Tails Plush Toy by GE Animation

Classic Tails





Tails is also a favorite among Sonic plush toys and characters.

This 7 inch classic Tails doll is manufactured by GE Animation.



Sonic X Tails Plush Toy by GE Animation

Sonic X: Tails





At 6”, this Sonic X Tails is slightly smaller than most GE Animation plush dolls.

Otherwise, it gets mostly good ratings from Sonic the Hedge Hog fans who purchased it.


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