Squishable Stuffed Animals
Soft, Lovable...and HUGE

Squishable stuffed animals are unique soft, round, huggable, HUGE bundles of love for both children and adults! They receive some of the most enthusiastic Amazon reviews you'll ever see for a stuffed animal!

Plus, this is your lucky day, since most Squishables are eligible for FREE SHIPPING through Amazon!


Squishable Panda

Squishable Panda stuffed animal



This stuffed panda is a favorite Squishable!

Typical Amazon review:

“my child was begging for this. she absolutely loves it! It has brought a major amount of joy to her life!”



Walrus — 15 Inch

Walrus stuffed animal by Squishables




This handsome plush walrus is huggable, lovable...

... and oh so squishy!



This Quote Reflects a Customer Consensus


“I got this for my girlfriend as a birthday present and she loves it!

The actual stuffed animal is huge (i could hardly get it into a gift bag) and very soft.

It might be a bit of a steep price for a stuffed animal but if you think someone might like one as a gift, they won't be disappointed.”



Squishable Fox Plush Toy

Plush fox Squishable Toy




Fox is another lovable Squishable. Like other Squishables, Fox measures about 15 inches tall X 15 inches wide!



Squishables are so delightfully soft that many people use them as pillows!



Squishable Owl Plush Toy

Squishable owl stuffed plush toy

You'd be wise to purchase this squishable plush owl. Check out this RAVE REVIEW:

“I bought this worrying about the price, but i was amazed by the quality! Gave it to my girlfriend who loves owls and she instantly fell in love with it. It is huge too! Great buy, and i will probably give gift squishables again in the future!”


Check out the reviews. Squishable stuffed animals make awesome, memorable gifts!



Delightful Squishable Snail

Squishable Snail stuffed animal



This snail Squishable is so, so cute and huggable!

Like most Squishable stuffed animals, it also comes in a mini version.



Squishables are not only HUGE — they're also a HUGE SUCCESS with stuffed animal lovers of all ages. Plus, they make a HUGE HIT as gifts!



Squishable Cthulhu Plush Toy

Squishable Cthulhu stuffed toy



This Cthulhu plushie makes a great gift for any H.P. Lovecraft fan!

Cthulhu is also available in a cute 7 inch size.



Squishable Octopus Animal

Squishable octopus stuffed animal



Octopus is one of the cutest Squishables to cuddle up with!

Check out these rave reviews for octupus!



Squishable T-Rex Plush

Squishable T-Rex Dinosaur plush toy


Wow! There's almost enough room inside this T-Rex Squishable toy for YOU!

Typical Amazon review:

“literally this thing is perfect. if you don't own one you have failed yourself and anybody who has ever come in contact with you. buy one now.”



Massive Owl Beanbag

Massive Squishable stuffed owl - 24 inches in diameter



This 24-inch Squishable owl beanbag makes the perfect huggable companion.

It is a gift that will be remembered for a lifetime!


      More Massive Squishable 24-inch Beanbags


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