Stuffed Dinosaur Toy

You'll find the perfect stuffed dinosaur toy right here! A number of these prehistoric plush dinosaurs are eligible for Free Shipping from Amazon on qualifying orders!


Melissa & Doug T-Rex Dino

Oversized T Rex stuffed dinosaurtoy by Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug's T-Rex plush dinosaur measures an awesome 38 inches from head to tip of tail.

This delightful dino stands on its own and makes a great gift for young dino lovers!

Typical Amazon Review:

“My niece liked the animal very much. Better than I expected! Colors were nice and the toy was firm but soft to cuddle.”



Dinosaur House with 5 Dinosaurs

Unipak 12-inch dino house with five dinosaurs


This plush 12” Unipak dino house comes with five delightful dinosaur toys.

Great for travel, and kids love putting the toys in the house and taking them out!

Encourages imaginative play!



Musical Dinosaur Toy

Musical stuffed dinosaur toy by Mary Meyer



This 10” wind-up musical dinosaur toy plays, “You Are My Sunshine.”

Created by famous toy maker, Mary Meyer, it is baby safe!

Makes a great addition to a dino themed nursery!


Mary Meyer Dinosaur Pacifier Toy

Wub-a-Nub stuffed dinosaur pacifier toy by Mary Meyer

Dare your favorite baby to lose this dinosaur pacifier!

This unique Mary Meyer toy gets great Amazon reviews:

“This is the third wabanub I have ordered for my son. He loves them and they are easier to keep up with than the single pacifiers. This is a great baby shower gift and they are adorable! ”



Bret Brontosaurus by Gund

Stuffed brontosaurus toy by Gund



Beautiful Bret Brontosaurus by Gund measures 7 x 16 x 13.5 inches!

Bret is so sturdily made that he stands on his own. His exterior is soft corduroy!



Plush Velociraptor Dinosaur

Velociraptor plush toy dinosaur by Aurora


This stuffed Velociraptor dino by Aurora is just plain cool—love that hair on the back of its neck!

Amazon Customer Comment:

“I bought this for my 4 yr old little brother who loves dinosaurs and he now sleeps with this little guy every night! Highly recommend this!”



Webkinz Apatosaurus

Webkinz Apatosaurus plush toy dinosaur

This huggable 13” Webkinz stuffed dinosaur toy comes with a popular online version!

Typical Amazon Review:

“Our granddaughter LOVES dinosaurs and this was a delightful addition to her collection. Not too big and not too small - colorful and well made. It was an immediate hit!”


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