Stuffed Dragons

Stuffed dragons are popular with childrean and adults. Find the perfect plush dragon or dragon puppet right here!

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Melissa & Doug Plush Dragon

Melissa & Doug lush stuffed dragon toy

This Melissa & Doug 29” plush dragon is one of the most popular of all dragons!

Typical Amazon Comment:

“Great and adorable dragon. The colors are so very vibrant and the dragon so is the dragon. I smile everytime I look at it! Great product and very fun-and I'm an adult.”



Aurora Dragon with sound

Aurora plush blue dragon with sound




Aurora's 14” plush blue dragon makes a delightful roaring sound when you squeeze it's neck!



Douglas Ruby Dragon

Douglas Ruby Stuffed Dragon Toy

Douglas makes some delightful dragon toys with sparkle material that feels like reptile skin—this ruby dragon is one of the favorites!

Others include the Douglas Jade Dragon and Topaz Golden Dragon.


Russ Berrie Shining Stars Dragon

Russ Berrie Shining Stars Stuffed Dragon Toy




This 8” Russ Berrie stuffed dragon is safe for babies 1 month and up!

You also get to name and register your own star with the International Star Registry!



Folkmanis Earth Dragon Puppet

Folkmanis Earth Dragon stuffed puppet


This Earth Dragon puppet by Folkmanis measures 15 x 17 x 19 inches and gets awesome reviews like this one:

“Very well made with a lot of character! Worth the money. Fun for all ages... My 7 year old adores him. My twin 10 month olds love the puppet show, and I would like to have him for myself.”



Three Headed Dragon Puppet

Folkmanis blue three-headed plush dragon puppet


Dragon puppets are in, and this three-headed version by Folkmanis is one of the best you'll find anywhere!

If you're partial to red, there's also a red three-headed dragon.



Plush Dragon Finger Puppet

Folkmanis plush red dragon finger puppet


Here's a cute 6” Folkmanis finger puppet!

Amazon Customer Comment:

“This little fellow is just adorable and makes for a wonderful story teller. It's small enough to use as a baby dragon, or as a dragon in a fairy tale puppet show.”



Webkinz Ice Dragon

WebkinsPlush Ice Dragon Toy


Webkinz' 11” Ice Dragon toy is soft and cuddly. Plus, your child also gets to adopt a virtual dragon counterpart!

The ice dragon is popular with Amazon Webkinz fans:

“Bought this for my nephew and he loves it. He couldn't wait to play with it on the computer after he opened it!”


Visit our cave filled with more wonderful Webkinz Dragons!




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