Stuffed Elephants
Wild and Wooly Plush Favorites

Favorite stuffed elephants as rated by online buyers. Delightful and unusual plush elephant toys and novelties for kids and adults.

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Zambi—Baby Elephant

Zambi, the Stuffed Baby Elephant by Furreal


FurReal Friends Zambi is more than just a cute plush baby elephant.

Zambi responds to voice sounds and touches, curling his trunk, wiggling his ears, and making cute baby elephant trumpeting sounds!

Part of the proceeds go to PROJECT ZAMBI, aimed at helping African children orphaned by AIDS.



Cuddlekins Jumbo Elephant

Jumbo stuffed plush elephant toy by Wild Republic



Wild Republic's Jumbo African elephant is so large, soft and squishy that some people even use it as a body pillow!




Kids Preferred Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Toy

8” Kids Preferred elephant toy based on the David McKee books.

This soft and squishy pachyderm is
a big hit with kids and parents.

Recommended for ages 1 month - 6 years.

Larger 12-Inch Elmer also available.



Elephant and Piggie Stuffed Animals Combo


7” Elephant and 5” Piggie plush toys based on the Mo Williams books.

Embroidered features; safe for 12 months and up.

This adorable combo has received a parade of  5-star reviews.

Here's a TRUNKful of Stuffed Elephants



Melissa and Doug Plush Stuffed Elephant Toy


This Melissa and Doug 11.5 x 20 x 28.5 inch stuffed elephant is soft on the surface yet sturdy enough to support small “riders.”

We don't recommend that adults sit on this toy, but this review will give you an idea of it's durability:

“I purchased this elephant for a friend whose favorite animal is the elephant. She absolutely loved it. It is tall enough to act like a footstool. It is also able to support the weight of an adult. This is a great product for anyone because it is simply so out of the ordinary of a gift.”



Folkmanis Plush Stuffed Elephant Puppet


Folkmanis 20” stuffed elephant puppet with movable mouth. Pull rings curl and uncurl trunk.

Like most Folkmanis puppets, this pachyderm gets 5-star ratings for its quality, realism, and attention to details.



Foldkmanis Stuffed Elephant Stage Puppet




Folkmanis elephant puppet has movable mouth, front legs, and trunk.

Folkmanis puppets typically win heaps of praise!




Ty Pluffies Winks Stuffed Elephant Toy

Ty Pluffies Winks is 9” long and machine washable.

Winks has lots of admirers, like these:

“I bought this plush for my boyfriend. He collects Ty products, and was delighted when he received this elephant in the mail. He said its extremely soft, like butter. The colors are bright, and won't fade in the washing machine.”

“This elephant is so soft soft and cuddly. My son loves it and named it Peanut. The elephant is well made and small, but cute. I recommend the elephant for elephant lovers.”



WEbkinz Velvety Elephant Toy

Webkinz gives you two stuffed elephants for the price of one—one to cuddle and hold, plus an online version to name, feed, clothe and create a home for.

Sample Amazon review:

“This Webkinz is appropriately named due to its feel. It has a soft velvety feel--not rough like some velvet fabrics are...Its oversize ears just make it plain adorable!”



Rerities Grace Plush Elephant Toy


Among stuffed elephants, this 19” long wrinkled fellow is one of the most unusual...and loveable.

This Rarities Grace toy is understuffed and weighted for easy posing and cuddling.

Popular with children, teens, girlfriends, boyfriends, name it!


An elephant's trunk contains thousands of muscles. It is strong enough to uproot a small tree, yet sensitive enough to pick up a peanut.


KidKraft Musical Rocker

KidKraft Elephant Plush Musical Rocker


KidKraft 26.8 x 25.2 x 12.6 inch elephant musical rocker plays four original songs.

Ideal size for toddlers.

Check out these customer reactions to see if it's right for your child.


Taggies Grabby Elephant Toy

Taggies Grabby Stuffed Elephant Toy


Taggies Grabby stuffed elephant toy is a Gold Oppenheimer Toy winner.

Babies love to rub the tags. When they pull the pink Wiggle Mouse, he crawls back into the elephant's belly.

Gets wonderful customer feedback. Makes a great shower gift!


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