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Plush Horses to Tame & Love

Lasso a great stuffed horse toy right here!

Find the perfect stuffed toy horse, stick pony, stuffed rocking horse—even a plush horse for young cowboys and cowgirls to ride around the,I mean, house.

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Aurora Sochise 12" Stuffed Toy Horse

Aurora Cochise Flopsie



This Aurora Cochise plush horse measures 12" from nose to tip of tail.

As these comments indicate, Flopsies are popular with both kids and adults.


Aurora Laredo Stuffed Plush Horse Toy

Aurora Laredo Flopsie



This Aurora Laredo flopsie stuffed horse is also popular.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.


Douglas Gem Sparkle Stuffed Horse Toy

Douglas Gem Sparkle Horse



This delightful little 6” stuffed horse toy by Douglas is perfect for small hands!

And, per Douglas, it's machine washable!


Maqnhattan Toy Groovy Girl Stuffed Horse Toy

Midnight Star Plush Horse



This glitzy Manhattan Toy Groovy Girl stuffed horse toy stands 15” tall.

It whinies, makes galloping sounds, and is poseable. Compatible with Groovy Girls dolls & other accessories.

Midnight Star has earned a stable full of enthusiastic comments!


Webkinz Clydesdale Stuffed Horse Toy

Webkinz Clydesdale



Webkinz stuffed horses are favorites, and this Clydesdale is no exception.

It has recieved over 100 Rave Reviews like this one:

“This is a delightful webkinz. The fur is soft and the toy looks like a Clydesdale.”


Webkinz Grey Arabian Stuffed Horse Toy

Webkinz Grey Arabian





This grey Arabian stuffed toy horse is another Webkinz winner.

It's 12 inches long and stands 8 inches high.


Webkinz Pink Pony stuffed horse toy

Webkinz Pink Pony



Webkinz pink pony is another dazzling winner online and off!

It gets a bale full of positive Amazon reviews, like this one:

“My granddaughter loves this pony! The website associated with it is educational and she learns how to take care of her pony with feeding, brushing, excercising and housing it.”



Douglas 10 inch purple dazze horse purse

Purple Dazzle Horse Purse



This Douglas 10” purple dazzle plush horse purse is created with designer fabrics.

“I ordered this as a gift for my niece because little girls love purses. This one is great because it's cotton, so it's easy to throw in the wash when it gets dirty and it has that trendy "Vera Bradley" look. I would definitely recommend this for any girl who loves horses and/or purses.”


Douglas Lil Giddy Up

Lil Giddy Up Horse & Bag





This Douglas Lil Giddy Up stuffed horse toy and purse is 7” tall x 7” wide...and super cute!

The horse does come out of the purse.


Melissa & Doug Plush Stuffed Horse

Melissa & Doug Giant Horse





This beautiful Melissa & Doug horse makes a great companion for a young child.

Ages: 3+

Stuffed Horse Toys Made for Ridin'


Melissa & Doug Gallop-N-Go Stick Pony

Stick Pony with Sound


This Melissa & Doug plush stick pony makes galloping sounds when you press its ear.

Recommended for ages 3 - 6.

Gets saddle bags full of positive customer comments. Here's one:

“The outstanding quality of Melissa and Doug toys continues with this wonderful stick horse! The plush, realistic head, and wonderful horsey sounds are a real hit! It is very sturdy and the striped pole is such fun!”


Tek Nek Plush Rocking Horse Toy

Tek Nek ‘Rock N' Ride’ Horse





This rocking, talking, singing plush rocking horse toy is a kids' favorite!

Get's outstanding customer ratings!


Here's the same popular Tek Nek plush rocking horse in two other colors:

Paint Pony Rock n' Ride
Paint Pony "Rock n' Ride"

Tek Nek Pink Plush Rocking Pony
Pink Pony "Rock n' Ride"


Little Tykes Plush Stuffed Horse Toy

Little Tikes Giddyup n' Go Pony



This Giddyup n' Go pony is the ultimate stuffed toy horse! It actually takes a child for a ride!

Makes galloping sounds, whinnies, snorts, and swings its tail!

Is it right for your child? A careful study of the many reviews will let you know.



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