Stuffed Kangaroo Toys

Need a delightful stuffed kangaroo to fill your toy pouch! Many of these plush kangaroos come with cute little joeys—that is, babies—in their pouches!

You'll also save a pouch full of money if you take advantage of Amazon FREE SHIPPING on eligible items!


Mary Meyer Kangaroos

Mary Meyer stuffed kangaroo with joey



This Mary Meyer 9” kangaroo plush toy comes with an adorable joey (baby) in her pouch.

Recommended for 3 months - 5 years.



Jirra Kangaroo with Baby

Gund Jirra Kangaroo plush toy with baby

Gund's very popular 10” Jirra kangaroo plush toy comes with a removable 4” baby.

Jirra and her joey get a pouch-ful of enthusiastic customer comments like this one:

“The stuffed kangaroo and baby are just what we were hoping for. It is very soft and life-like. The children at our VBS loved it and so did our grandchildren.”



Petting Zoo Kangaroo

Petting Zoo 10-inch Stuffed Kangaroo




This cute 10” Petting Zoo plush kangaroo is just waiting to be hugged by the right person!



Webkinz Kangaroo

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Kangaroo Toy


Of course, this cute Webkinz kangaroo toy comes with an online version that is just as lovable.

Typical Amazon comment:

“My kids love Webkinz toys. They not only love the computer stuff that comes with it, they really play with the stuffed animals themselves.”



Cuddlekin Kangaroo

Cuddlekin Stuffed Kangaroo Toy




As the name Cuddlekin implies, this 12” Wild Republic toy is slightly understuffed to make it extra soft and cuddly!

Recommended for 3 years and up.


17-Inch Kangaroo

North American Bear Comnpany "Smushy" Stuffed Kangaroo


This blue ribbon “smushy" kangaroo stuffed toy by the North American Bear Company stand 17” tall.

Embroidered features; safe for all ages.

Machine washable!



20-Inch Kangaroo and Joey

Unipak 20-inch stuffed kangaroo toy with joey


This 20” Unipak kangaroo with joey is well-made and safe for all ages.

Amazon Review:

“My daughter wanted a mommy Kangaroo with a baby in it's pouch for her 4th birthday. I was surprised to find the quality of this to be so good, my daughter felt it was exactly what she wanted.”



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