Stuffed Octopus

Find a delightful stuffed octopus. Once one of these great toys gets its plush tentacles around you, it's hard to escape!

But here's the squeeze! Many are eligible for EXTRA SAVINGS when you meet's free shipping guidelines!


Dreamy Octopus

Douglas Dreamy Octopus Stuffed Animal


This Dreamy Octopus stuffed animal by Douglas measure 5” high x 11” wide.

It's made of soft kohair sparkle fabic that makes it look wet!

3 months and up.



Cuddlekin Pacific Octopus

Cuddlekin Pacific Stuffed Octopus Toy



Cuddlekin's 12-inch stuffed octopus toy is purposely understuffed to make it extra cuddly!

Amazon customers give it five starsfor its attention to detail, careful stitching, and overall quality!



Giant Plush Octopus

Fiesta Giant Octopus Stuffed Animal


Fiesta's giant plush octopus measures an awesome 36” long!

This soft giant has received more complimentary Amazon reviews than it has tentacles:

“This octopus toy is so cool. Let me add that I am an adult and I received him as a gift. He sits on my beige couch and matches perfectly. He is soft and funny looking and I love him. He rules.”


Folkmanis Octopus Puppet

Folkmanis Stuffed Octopus Puppet Toy

This stuffed octopus puppet by premier puppet manufacturer, Folkmanis, has moveable tentacles.

Amazon Customer comment:

“I bought this as a present for a friend who is an octopus lover. It is extremely cute and huggable. It is well made and a good size for being used as a puppet.”



Mary Meyer Taggies Octopus

Stuffed Octopus Taggies Toy by Mary Meyer


This adorable Taggies octopus toy is baby safe!

It's rainbow of colors, v ariety of textures, and mouthable tags are all meant to stimulate baby.

Mary Meyer is a leader in sustainable manufacturing.




Baby Einstein Octoplush

Baby Einstein Octoplush Stuffed Animal

Hug Baby Eintein Octoplush to hear a melody!

Press the patches on its tentacles to hear the color in three different languages!

Typical Customer Comment:

“This was recieved as a baby shower gift. My son has loved it since he was born and even now at 10 months old. Highly recommend it!”



Color Swirls Octopus

Fiesta Color Swirl Stuffed Octopus



Fiesta's Color Swirls plush octopus measures 17” in width!

If you love bubble gum pink, this could be the toy for you.



Plush Giant Squid

Wild Republic Giant Squid Stuffed Animal

Wild Republic makes this beautiful 20” plush squid!

It receives 20-plus cudos from Amazon customers:

“My son has been fascinated with squids since an early age, so finding this stuffed toy was truly exciting to find! The attention to detail was really surprising!”




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