Stuffed Panda Bear

These highly-rated stuffed panda bear toys stand out from the crowd of plush pandas! A number are eligible for free shipping when you meet Amazon's minimum purchase guidelines.

Mei, Stuffed Baby Panda Bear

Aurora stuffed baby panda bear, Mei



Baby panda, Mei, by Aurora, sits a delightful 10” tall.

Super soft and cuddly, this realistic stuffed panda gets lots of great reviews from Amazon customers!



Aurora Super Flopsie Panda

Aurora stuffed panda bear super flopsie: Xie Xie

Aurora's soft and floppy Xie Xie is 28 cuddly inches long!

Amazon customers give it lots of cudos—like this:

“My 12 year old got this for x-mas and loved it. It is a great size and extremely cute. Good buy if anyone loves pandas like my daughter. ”



Squishable Panda

Large, cuddly stuffed panda bear by Squishable.



This large, cuddly panda by Squishable measures 15 inches in just about any direction, making it a huggable, loveable armful for bear lovers of just about any age.

If you're looking for a high-quality gift that stands out as different and special, this could be it!


Melissa & Doug Giant Plush Panda

Melissa & Doug giant stuffed panda bear

Melissa & Doug's oversized stuffed panda sits nearly 2 feet tall!

Amazon Customer Comment:

“I got this panda for a friend of mine who is going through a difficult time right now. She loves it!! It's not that huge (about the size of a pillow) but is very soft and cuddly.”



Aurora Flopsies Panda Ni Hao

Aurora "Ni Hao" stuffed panda teddy bear



Aurora's “Ni Hao” panda bear says HELLO with its beautiful smile!

Super soft and cuddly, it measures 12 inches from the bottom of its feet to the top of its head.


More Stuffed Panda Bear Toys


Folkmanis Panda Finger Puppet

4 inch stuffed panda bear puppet by Folkmanis


Small but beautiful panda puppet!

Folkmanis makes great puppets, as this Amazon customer attests:

“This panda is as soft as a Gund stuffed animal. It has amazing life like details to it. For the panda lover, it is a great find. The price is great and the quality of the panda is perfect.



Ty Beanie Ballz Bonsai The Panda (Medium)

Ty Beanie Balls Bonzai round stuffed panda bear




This 8-inch plush Beanie Ballz panda by Ty is rolly polly cute!

It's also available in a cuddly 4-inch version.



Webkinz Pretty Panda

Webkinz "Pretty Panda" purple stuffed panda bear



Here's a panda of a different color!

This loveable Webkinz toy is very popular online and off.

See other webkinz pandas.



Panda Bear Mother And Baby

Mom and baby stuffed panda bears by Mary Meyer

This adorable 17” mother and 9” baby panda bear combo by Mary Meyer helps a child develop nurturing skills!

Baby bear can be attached via a carrier either to mom's back or belly.

Sample Amazon Review:

“Soft and beautiful panda bear plush set. My niece absolutely adores. Thank you!”


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