Stuffed Parrot Toys
Pretty Birds!!  Pretty Birds!!  Pretty Birds!! 

Well, shiver me timbers if these aren't the best stuffed parrot toys available! We've got swashbuckling pirate parrots, stuffed plush parrot puppets, Monty Python LIVE parrot, and more!

Looking to save money, matey? Combine two or more eligible Amazon items for a total purchase of $25 or more, and you'll receive free shipping!


Shining Stars Parrot

Russ Berrie Shining Stars Stuffed Parrot



This Russ Berrie 8” stuffed parrot lets you name a star in the International Star Registry.

Print a certificate and star chart showing your star's exact coordinates!

Ages 1 month and up. Ideal for children and tweens!



Pete the Repeat Parrot

Pete the Repeat Parrot Stuffed Toy


Pete the Repeat Parrot repeats everything you say. Really!

Typical Amazon comment:

“I recently bought this product for my 6 months old son. I must tell you that everyone in the family is having great fun talking to Pete. We are from India and it fun to hear Hindi from Pete... Now buying one for my friend... Thumps Up for this product.”



Folkmanis Macaw Puppet

Folkmanis Stuffed Plush Macaw Parrot


This beautiful Folkmanis Macaw parrot puppet is longer than your forearm!

Built with Folkmanis awar-winning attention to detail.

As this parent points out, puppets are great for imaginative play:

“My 4-year old daughter has spent hours with this "mommy" macaw and another smaller plush macaw, playing pretend games with them.”


Check out the finger puppet version of this Folkmanis favorite.


Organic Parrot Music Box

Organic Cotton Stuffed Parrot with Music Box




This unusual organic cotton 6” stuffed parrot music box could make a distinctive shower gift!

Before you let the price throw you, check out this on-the-money evaluation.


Pirate Parrot with Wrist Strap

8" Stuffed Parrot with Pirate Hat

Ahoy, matey! Can I interest ya in a plush pirate parrot with a cool skull and crossbones hat?

You'll receive one 6” red or blue parrot.

Plus an educational booklet that tells about famous pirates and their flags and contains a section that teaches “Pirate Talk.”



Laid Back Louie

Laid Back Stuffed Plush Singing Parrot



Laid Back Louie is a stuffed plush parrot made strictly for adults.

He holds a drink in his hand and sings, “Don't Worry, Be Happy.”



Monty Python  “LIVE”  Parrot

Monty Python Stuffed Live Parrot



This Toy Vault 7” "LIVE" parrot toy makes the perfect gift for a Monty Python fan!



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